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Some common terms of Rubik's cube

Some common terms of Rubik's cube

Solve: refers to the process of the Rubik's Cube from the non-primitive state to the original state.
Order X: The order refers to the number of blocks on each side of the cube, for example, there are 3 small blocks on each side of the third-order cube.
DNS is the abbreviation of "Did not start", which means that a recovery opportunity is given up, and the recovery is not started, that is, the waiver before starting.
The original text of SUB is "Subtraction", which means "subtraction, less than", in this case it means "under XX seconds". Example: 3x3 cube SUB-30 means that the average speed is less than 30 seconds.
CFOP: Abbreviation of Fridrich Method. The process is Cross, F2L, OLL, PLL, and the initial letter of each step is taken as the abbreviation.
DNF: Abbreviation of Did Not Finish. It means that the contestant feels that he cannot complete the Rubik's Cube within a satisfactory time and declares his abstention, or the Rubik's Cube is in a state of failure to restore when the timer is pressed, and there can be one DNF in the game.
Lucky Case: Refers to a certain step in the process of restoring the Rubik's cube without having to restore it and fortunately skips to the next step automatically.
Lucky Time: Refers to the time it takes to restore under Lucky Case.
PB: Abbreviation of Personal Best. The fastest time for personal Rubik's cube.
POP: Abbreviation for POP up. During the restoration of the Rubik's Cube, parts such as edges and corners flew out. If it appears in the game as an invalid recovery process.
BLD: Abbreviation for Blindfold Cubing. Watch first and then twist. Timing starts from the first sight of the Rubik's cube, and then remembers. After the memory is completed, blindly twist the Rubik's cube.
Scramble: refers to the chaos
F2L: Abbreviation of First Two Layers. Use the Fridrich Method to restore the first and second layers of the cube at the same time.
OLL: Abbreviation of Orientation Of Last Layer. Use the Fridrich Method to restore the color of the third layer of the cube.
PLL: Abbreviation of Permutation Of Last Layer. Use Fridrich Method to restore the position of the third layer of the Rubik's cube.
UWR: Abbreviation of Unofficial World Record. Unofficial statistics of the Rubik's Cube world record.
LBL: layer-first approach
WR: world record
NR: National record
AsR: Asian record
CZZ: Two statements: ① Disassembly and reassembly Pinyin abbreviation ② cross (cross) + ZBF2L (f2l completes the top cross at the same time) + ZBLL (top layer edge block alignment, top layer corner block color alignment)
PSC: A restoration challenge that can be prepared in advance.
WCA: World Cube Association (World Cube Association), the World Cube Association was established in 2003, mainly dedicated to holding Rubik's Cube speed twist competition. The results of the World Rubik’s Cube Championship held in Hungary in 1982 were also recognized by WCA, which was the only recognized competition before 2003.
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