MoYu AoSu WRM 4x4x4 Magic Cube - Magnetic Version

6PCS Moyu Radom Cubes Blind Box on Sales Now

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Really Great Cube

Dear all
I got this cube today and when unboxing it I was first of all surpriseb by the really high quality box. I got the premium version of this cube. The first turns were just amazing. I can clearly recommend buying the premium version the cube was perfectly set up. I have never had such a well turning but still stable 4x4. The inner magnets are stronger than the ones from the outer layer wich gives the cube a huge amount of stability.
I clearly recommend buying this one. My former cube was a Moyu Aosu non magnetic cube. Compared to this the WRM is a bit smaller but much much more stable and very fast.

MoYu AoSu WRM 4x4x4 Magic Cube

Excellent cube :)


W. O. W.
That is what I thought when I turned this cube. Straight out of the box I knew this would be my immediate new main. Compared to my previous main, which was too big and slow, this cube is such a pleasure to turn. The size is perfect for my hands and combined with the astonishing speed, controllability, good corner-cutting and incredible smoothness it is a clear 11/10! Thank you MoYu, I LOVE it😍

moyu 4x4

i did not recieve the cube yet please can you contact with on my number +973 34650500 if ther is any problem

Best 4x4 on the market!

I love this cube so much. It may not be the fastest or best out of the box, but after breaking it in it gets much faster. Corner cutting is great and with this cubes size it makes finger trick easy. All the cubes layers turn smoothly with the inner magnets a little stronger. Over this is a really great cube and can compete with all of the top of the line 4x4s.

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