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6Pcs Blind Box DIY 3d Metal  Mini White Collar Mecha Office Series Model Building Kit 


.Background: The nobody is the most famous one in the family of running dragons. He seems to have passed everyone's story. But everyone is the protagonist of his own life. This time he became the protagonist in the story-when Xiaobai first entered the workplace, what kind of people would he meet and what stories would happen?

Staff introduction

1. Tony

Tony, a guy who just graduated this year, has experienced many difficulties, and finally succeeded in an interview and became a career novice. He graduated this year, but under the influence of the Covid-19 this year, finding a job has been extremely difficult for him. Under his unremitting persistence, he finally applied for a job successfully and changed from a student to a white-collar worker.

2. Jenny

Jenny is also a newcomer in the workplace, with a gentle and lovely personality, and patient in dealing with others. Everyone likes her very much. She really likes a popular traffic star named Rui Nan. In addition to working time, other time is not to make statistics for idols, Kryptonkin supports his idol's career, or draws comics for idols to support the surroundings. Everyone didn't seem to understand her behavior very well. Only Tony carefully clicked on every list link she forwarded.

6Pcs Blind Box DIY 3d Metal  Mini White Collar Mecha Office Series Model Building Kit

3. Felen

Felen has big ears and is good at inquiring news. My favorite place is next to the company's water dispenser. He is run by a senior planner with a natural gossip enthusiasm on the road chasing hot spots happier than hot spots.

6Pcs Blind Box DIY 3d Metal  Mini White Collar Mecha Office Series Model Building Kit

4. Jack
Although he has only worked for three years, he is already well versed in the mysteries of the workplace. Mixed like a fish in this piece of heaven and earth. He is 1.8 meters tall and likes to run for fitness. Peaked cap and headphones are his standard equipment. He is humorous and funny, and has been named the most popular boy by the company for two consecutive years.

5. Tommy

Tommy is a highly skilled programmer. Like most programmers, he has a single hobby and not many friends. He has always been annoyed, just don’t know how to get along with girls, because he really wants to find a girlfriend

6Pcs Blind Box DIY 3d Metal  Mini White Collar Mecha Office Series Model Building Kit

6. Alixander

The deputy director has been working for many years, and time has not only made him greasy but also bald. Usually the tea cup is not left in your hand, but you usually drink duck feces in the morning and pearl milk tea in the afternoon. The deputy director often gives a lot of life advice and help to his subordinates. Looking at the confused young man, he occasionally thinks of when he was young. Of course, he is often confused about when he can be promoted to the position of director.

6Pcs Blind Box DIY 3d Metal  Mini White Collar Mecha Office Series Model Building Kit

Made of high-quality metal materials. Laser cutting ultra-precision high-quality metal models. Don't need glue, just connect them with screws according to the assembly drawing
.There are 6 style models in total, 55+ parts for the assembly parts of a single style. You can also use existing parts and DIY other shapes according to your personal ideas to create your own unique model
.The edges of the parts are sharp. Please do not play with infants and young children to avoid injury. (Slight scratches on the surface of the stainless steel parts are normal and do not affect the overall appearance. Thanks for your understanding)
.Have fun and sense of accomplishment through DIY assembly, the product is very beautiful, each joint is movable, amazing details and wonderful DIY experience
.Let children assemble this model by hand, it not only exercises their hands-on ability and creativity, but also allows children to enjoy the joy of assembly
.Suitable for people over 14 or children under the age of 14 to play with their parents
.This is a perfect gift, a special gift for your friends, family and children, which can be collected or used as home decoration


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Stainless Steel + Iron + Copper
.Product Weight: 510g
.Package Dimensions: 28 x 23.5 x 11.8cm
.Package Weight: 912g
.Packing: Iron Box

Package Content:

.1Set x Model Kit
.2 x Spanner
.1 x Screwdriver

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