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8pcs Set Blind Box 3D Assembly Puzzle Mechanical Saints Kit


.story background
This mysterious church organization has its own doctrinal beliefs in the mechanical world. The seven judges under their command are one of the deadly opponents of the Earth Defenders Special Force. However, there is a complicated relationship of interests between the Church and the Federation. The seven judges of the mysterious church organization claim to be "mechanical saints."

8pcs Set Blind Box 3D Assembly Puzzle Mechanical Saints Kit

Team Member Introduction

1. Mech-Holy Lord
Mech-Holy Lord is the actual master of the mysterious church organization. He is mysterious and powerful, no one except the saints knows where he comes from. It is said that he signed a contract with the machine "Cain", thus obtaining extremely destructive power. The gravitational wave staff of the Holy Lord will produce dark matter upon activation. The mysterious dark matter stops all surrounding machinery and gradually disintegrates.


Lucifer is very arrogant. He is the first of the seven judges, a fanatical mechanical saint. The huge meteor hammer in his right hand made the enemy frightened, and the sharp hand axe in his left hand was a nightmare for the enemy in close combat.

DIY Assembly 3D Metal Mechanical Saints Blind Box Puzzle Model Kit

Berial is as lazy as sloths. He's one of the seven judges. The small time device on the back allows it to break away from the control of time for a short time. This heaven-defying ability, combined with the sharp blades of both hands, made everyone's back chill.


He is one of the seven judges. The short knife in the right hand and the light shield in the left hand are his iconic weapons, possessing hunter-like acumen, but without the hunter’s respect for creatures. All creatures are within his hunting range. So people also call him the cruel and greedy Gluttonous.


He is one of the seven judges and one who has no means of lethal attacks. His amazing defensiveness is reflected in the huge shield he is holding. Although it has no lethal attack power, don't underestimate the impact of its huge shield. For ordinary enemies, the huge impact is also deadly. He is the embodiment of jealousy.


Mamon is one of the seven judges. He is not satisfied with melee combat, holding a mechanical battle axe and standing out of the crowd. The 4 beam cannons on the left shoulder make its firepower even higher. It can be described as an all-round fanatic war machine. He is the representative of greed.


Asmodeus is one of the seven judges, the only one who can fly. He is a powerful "mage" among the judges. The staff in his hand seems to have surpassed the power of science. It can make the enemy lose all perception ability when fighting with it, and can even bypass the enemy's central control and directly control the opponent's body to become his own combat unit. But he is also a playboy, a representative of lust.


Samael  is one of the 7 judges. Holding a huge mechanical hammer seems to smash everything that is not pleasing to the eye. The power device on the back provides it with endless power. He is a symbol of rage and has a more grumpy temper.

9. Mechanical Great Lord 2.0

You need to collect 7 sets to form a great master.


Using high-quality metal materials, laser cutting ultra-precision high-quality metal models, no glue is required, just connect according to the assembly drawing through screws
.There are 8 of them, 7 of which are different styles, and another style is random (may be one of the 7 style or another style may appear). 6 different mechanical saint shapes can be assembled. After assembly, the size of a single mini is about 7.1 x 5.8 x 5.5CM, you can also combine 6 styles into a mechanical holy lord or according to your personal ideas
.Amazing details and wonderful DIY experience; by letting children assemble this product, they not only exercised their hands-on ability and creativity, let children enjoy the joy of assembly
.Have fun and accomplishment through DIY assembly, the product is very beautiful. Each joint is movable
.This is a perfect gift. It is a special gift for your friends, family and children. Suitable for collection and decoration
.Suitable for people over 14 years old or children who under 14 years old need to play with parents
.The edge of the product is sharp, please do not play with infants and children, so as not to hurt (stainless steel parts will have some slight scratches on the surface is normal, does not affect the overall appearance, Thanks for your understanding)


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Stainless Steel + Iron + Copper
.Product Weight: 550g
.Package Dimensions: 28 x 23.5 x 11.8cm
.Package Weight: 850g
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.7Set x Puzzle Model
.1 x Mini Wrench
.1 x Screwdriver
.1 x Nipper Pliers

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I am giving all the stars, the result is fantastic.


I bought this model and it took 3 days to put it together (a few hours each sitting). It was a big challenge. But that's why we buy these models, to be challenged. When it is put together, it is really sturdy and it looks great. Definitely one of the most impressive metal models we've put together so far


Love these Beautiful models


Maquette terminée du plus bel effet, au prix d'un montage délicat voire difficile, C'est à recommander uniquement à ceux qui ont déjà l'habitude des modèles c'est alors un véritable plaisir !!!


These kits are great fun to make,Great Model Well Worth the Effort