Chinese New Year Sales

Hey everybody,

We decide to have a promotion because Moyustore team will be on holiday because of Chinese New Year (also called Chinese Spring Festival)from February 5th to February 17th, 2021 and will come back in 18th Feb., 2021. That means all the orders will be sent after 18th. And here we will provide some discount codes for you so you can save more. 

(Valid Time: Feb 5, 2021-Feb 18, 2021)


Buy 199$ Save 11% off: MY199

Buy 399$ Save 13% off code: MY399

and as for cubers, anyone who order Moyucube from Moyustore during this period will have a chance to be given a random free Moyucube, like rs3m 2020, pyraminx, megaminx, hunyuan skewb,Xinghen and so on. And if you buy over 10 cubes here, you will be given away Two random Moyucubes.if you have any problems, please send me an email (

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