Moyu MF8880 RS3M 2020 Magnetic Cube 3x3x3

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A must budGET 3x3 cube

Despite the 2020 on it, it isn’t a bad cube. It is a budget cube with a flagship performance. The magnet strength is weak like what others said but I got used to it. It has this crunchy and smooth feeling when turning. M slices feels good . Also loving the new color scheme. Got it for less than $4 including the shipping fee. It’s the real dela with that added spring compression on it. It also has these issues like spring noise and loose thread on the one side of the cube. Mine doesn’t have the loose thread thingy only the spring noise but that can be fixed.

The BEST you can buy

The RS3M2020 is an excellent cube. At only $9, it can compete with many top-tier flagships that I have tried which completely blows my mind. It is fast, yet controllable, which I love, and even has the Moyu dual-adjustment system! For only $9!

The colour shades are bright and vibrant and provide great contrast. Even at maximum tps, it is hard to mistake one colour for another.

Out of the box, it is sandy and smooth, and corner cuts easily past 55 degrees, and 3/4s of a cubie on reverse cutting. The magnetic strength is a medium-light feel, which may not satisfy some cubers, however, as I used a non-magnetic cube for quite a long time, it is just right for me.

As many others who have tried it have said, the RS3 does have a ton of spring noise. I was, however, able to fix this by flipping the springs and washers so that the flatter side touched the screw, and I added a drop of heavy silicone lube at all metal to metal contact points, and I was able to rid the cube of most spring noise.

Overall, I love the feel and speed of the RS3M2020, and it became my main from the time I first tried it. Great job to Moyu for their work on the cube and for making it so accessible to everyone. To those who actually read this whole review, (thanks btw), pick it up ASAP, and your $9 will be very well spent. Trust me, you won't regret it for one second.

Mar Jose

The rs3m 2020 is a nine dollar cube which is very impressive. The rs3m 2020 has a fast, smooth and controllable feel. It also has a dual adjustment system which other flagship cube has. For a nine dollar cube you get costumizable feature like the gts3m and wrm.

At first glance you will be very impressed for it's beautiful and vibrant color scheme BUT a lot maybe dissapointed because of it's matte finished or frosted plastic. If you're one of them, don't be because the frosted plastic will come of very easily. For the corner cutting it's effortless and it's up to the 45 degree mark unfortunately when you're going for big cuts it might require some force but don't worry with some set up it will cut effortlessly.

For the magnetic bump, it's quite weak but it really helps with stabilizing the cube. Some people may not like it but what you can do to fix this is to add magnets to the edges to your own preference. For me I suggest using n35 - n42 magnets cause the cube has magnets already and you just want it to be a little bit stronger. But IF you will add strong magnets like n48 or n50 I don't recommend it because it'll just make your cube slow and locky.
Lastly, the rs3m has a nasty spring noise which can be fixed by putting heavy lube or silicone lube on the springs and washers.

So CUBERS, what are you all waiting for? This cube has been my main since the day I got it and maybe when you get it. I promise you wont regret it, this is worth your penny. So buy it now and don't hesitate. It's cheap and affordable and I swear you will love it😉.

(I know it's very long and I understand if you dont read it all. And for the people who read this all...)


Allen Patrick M. Viñas
Best bang for your buck!

The RS3M 2020 is my main the moment i got my hands of it. Out of the box it was too fast for me but with a little bit of setup, it's way way way better. It has this smooth feel that makes my solves very fluid. My algorithms are flowing easily because of its smoothness and great corner cutting. And for this to be in this budget price range, it's definitely a steal! I recommend this cube for anyone, beginner or pro!

Jacob Gonzales
This is so affordable and cheap buy now

I just got my rs3m 2020 recenly and when I unbox it am so happy for the cube because this is so good and I dont waste my money on it and this is probably my main,out of the box the cube is so fast and I love it and this is the cube that I'm looking for.thanks moyu for doing this cube I recommend this to everyone.

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