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Brass Arowana Box Cutter 


.Made of brass, the Arowana Box Opener is not only original design but also well-made, and its size is about 8.15*1.94mm. It looks shiny and well-shaped in the sun, with very nice ornaments!
.The combination of brass art and natural creatures: we combine a unique perspective with traditional craftsmanship. Creativity gives nature a newborn and decorates life with spirituality. Now you can have this beautiful animal immortalized in our handcrafted brass box opener. This item is strong enough to help with even the toughest of boxes. But, because functionality means little if there is no safety, we’ve also made a product that is blunt enough to be held even by small children.
.The handy box opener is designed for online shoppers and comes with a specially designed keychain for easy carrying. The cool box opener goes very well with the car key and the room.
.Animals are designers wandering in nature and give us unlimited inspiration. The Arowana, a freshwater fish found in Asia and South America. It’s most commonly known for its jumping. It can leap as much as six feet above the surface of the water in search of insects and waterfowl. They’ve also been known to be both highly territorial and highly aggressive so leaping defensively isn’t unheard of. They’re a type of fish called mouthbrooders. This means they carry their eggs, and they're young for a short while, in their mouth to protect them. A truly unique creature even among its own kind.


.Material: Brass
.Product Dimensions: 8.15 x 1.94cm
.Product Weight: 35.4g
.Package Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 3.5cm
.Package Weight: 100g
.Paking: Graphic Carton

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