Missing a 3D Metal Puzzle Piece?


Sorry to hear about your missing parts. But we can help you straighten it out.

Read Our Tips Below to See What You Can Do.


It's easy to misplace a metal model Kits piece, so make sure you look everywhere first.

Metal Model Kits pieces often wander off attached to a piece of clothing or by a curious pet or child. Allow a few days of searching before declaring the piece! Double and triple check the packaging — it's very possible the piece could be hidden or stuck in there. Thoroughly search any rooms you used for opening, constructing, gluing, transporting, or storing the metal model kits. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, under rugs... you never know! Lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed so far belong where they are, this way you know for sure exactly what piece you're missing.

Still nowhere to be found? Don't worry, there are still options.

If you've determined you need replacement pieces simply follow these instructions!

1.If you find that some parts are missing before you start the assembly:

1) Please put the parts the small packages of the parts and screws neatly on the desktop, and then take a clear photo so thatwecan help you solve the problem more quickly.

11) Please take a picture of the product certificate(see the photo B on the right) , so that ourwarehouse manager can check which the product batch has problems more quickly and help you solve the problem ASAP.


 2. If you find that someparts are missing while you are builing the model.  

THREE photos are needed to provided.

A) : Please place the unopened parts and screws neatly on the table and take a clear photo of them. (see photo A below)

B): And then take anotherclear photo of the assembled parts and one moreclear picture of the unpacked parts, three photos in total, so that the after-sales designer can help you solve the problem more quickly.(see photo B & C below)

C): Please take a picture of the product certificate, so that the after-sales warehouse manager can check the product batch more quickly and help you solve the problem.(see photo D below)