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western dragon vs eastern dragon

Here's how it works


The simple design of the metal puzzles encourages children to stretch their creativity and explore new possibilities.Through building model kits, children learn how to balance things to keep a model tight. It also helps children practise hand-eye coordination.


Your kids will enjoy building a model of metal blocks as big as possible and then watching what happens when they finish building them. This is one way that children develop fine motor skills and explore concepts like early math, geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect.


playing with metal puzzles allows children to make their own design as well as give them the satisfaction of creating something on their own that did not exists before‚ÄĚ or in other words, children receive creative stimulation by building something totally on their own!

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What our customers say

Really enjoyed putting this together. For once a Chinese kit that came with clear and concise instructions Makes all the difference. Plenty of spares in the bags. Final kit looks awesome!


I bought this as a gift for my husband and he thinks it is really unique and is excited to build.Not sure this would be good for kids or those not included to put some time into it.Great for the tinkerers!

Merlin Doli

Had a lot of fun assembling this even though it was a pain in the ass at times (especially for putting the legs together), but seeing it come together in the end made it so worth it. Also, 5/5 customer support.


I had so much fun building this project. It all came together very nicely in the end. I would have given 5 stars if the instructions were a little better. They were very detailed and accurate. I'm very happy overall and will buy another!

Regina Joel