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You can enjoy the wholesale pricing when you order 5 pieces of the same product!

Quantity Discount:

25-49 pcs cubes: 5% discount

50-99 pcs cubes: 10% discount

100-199 pcs cubes: 15% discount

≥ 200 pcs cubes: 20% discount


Reselling MoYustore products

If you will be reselling any of MoYu products customized items, please follow the rules to avoid losing wholesale privileges:

    • While you are free to sell our products for whatever price you see fit, it is important to never sell our products for less than our listed price.
    • Our prices are listed in USD by default
    • If we are running a sale that results in a price reduction, you are welcome to sell for our sale price but are expected to raise the price when our sale/promotion ends.
    • Do not remove/alter any of the branding or product packaging. If we find that you are rebranding our products and selling them either unmarked or rebranded, you will be blacklisted from our wholesale program.
    • You are free to use any and all images for products manufactured by MoYustore for your own product listing.
    • The altering of our images or removal of our watermark is strictly prohibited and will result in being blacklisted from our wholesale program.



    if you are the owner of a retail store, pls contact me ( if you want to be our distributor. So MoYucube fans may be able to purchase MoYustore products through the authorised distributor.