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Witch's Familiar Pet Metal Model DIY Kits Collection

Witch's Familiar Pet Metal Model DIY Kits Collection


Welcome, fellow witches and wizards, to Moyustore magical world of the witch's familiar pet metal model DIY kits collection!

In the puzzle world where magic intertwines with craftsmanship, this collection beckons to those who are ready to find their new familiar partner! Whether you're a seasoned magician or a novice witch, these steam punk style model kits from Moyustore are definitely offering a bewitching experience that transcends the ordinary.

If you are interested in the mysterious witch culture, like all kinds of astrology, divination and rituals in films, then in addition to the commonly used candlesticks and astrolabes and other props on your table, these twelve cool model kits from Moyustore are also perfect for creating a mysterious scene.


Every witch knows the significance of a familiar pet - a magical companion imbued with supernatural qualities that aid in the practice of the arcane arts and the creation of ritual scenes. Traditionally manifested as animals, familiars form an unbreakable bond with their magical counterparts, serving as loyal confidants, guardians, and conduits to otherworldly energies.

Now, let's take a closer look at the witch's familiar pets in this 3D puzzles collection, from the mysterious owl to the creepy skeleton, each animal has been carefully designed to capture the essence of their magic. Featuring meticulous detail, these metal models come with detailed instructions to guide you through the process of creating something attractive and magical. With a little imagination and magic, you can transform a 3D puzzle into your familiar magical pet ally, then you can start setting up your very own ritualistic scene, no matter it’s about astrology, divination or cosplaying the sacrifice ritual.


Owls are considered a symbol of death, ghosts and fear. In some cultures, owls were the messengers of witches, and as the witch's right-hand man, it is always able to accurately foretell the future and misfortune. With feathers that shimmer with a luster only seen in dreams, these magical steampunk owls are not only companions, but also magical prophets.

Vampire Bat

In Native American folklore, vampire bats are often associated with death and darkness as a source of fear and superstition, making them perfect familiar pet to witches. But vampire bats also have a deeper spiritual significance. Vampire bats are seen as creatures capable of traversing both the physical and spiritual realms, symbolizing metamorphosis and rebirth.


With their white horse-like bodies and spiraling unicorn horns, unicorns are a symbol of purity, innocence and strength. Legend has it that a unicorn's horn can purify poisonous water, such is their powerful healing ability. Sounds like some kind and helpful witches' closest companions.

Punk Dragon

Dragons are often seen in some famous science fiction films. They often play the role of guardians, accompanying witches, and they are able to fly and breathe fire. They also don't stand idly by when witches are caught in the middle of a battle. If you want to add extra mysterious and dominance to your ritual scene, then the steampunk art 3D metal dragon will be a great choice.

Winged Tiger

Generally speaking, the tiger represents power, speed, majesty and independence. Often associated with danger and aggression, tigers are used as symbols of fear or threat, and winged tigers tend to be more powerful and dominant. A single spell from a powerful witch is usually all it takes to summon her magical winged tiger from the void.


The witches in the stories usually have a cat, and these feline companions are selected with keen magical intuition. These cats are known for their mystical allure, their extraordinary intelligence, their agility and grace, and their ability to navigate the tangible and intangible realms. More than pets, they are indispensable companions in the magical arts.


These steam punk style rabbits are the perfect familiar for a witch. They know which medicine will surely play a role. In the witch's cauldron of magic potions. With a keen understanding of herbal lore, these steam punk style rabbits travel between science and magic, offering insights into the healing powers of rare plants.


Snakes have been used for worship, magic potions and, medicine, and they have been the symbol of love, health, disease, medicine, pharmacy, immortality, death and even wisdom. Snakes are important companions for witches, as they can sense disturbances in the magical air currents and alert witches to unseen forces.


The centipede tends to have many legs, as well as a keen sense of touch and excellent crawling ability, with which it can quickly sense environmental changes and energy fluctuations. It is this agility and speed that makes this 3D model kits the most reliable familiar pet for witches.


A snail in its shell represents personal isolation, staying away from everyone and everything for whatever reason, and the snail is always associated with wisdom, slow progress, persistence, patience, peace, self-care and harmony. A 3D puzzle steampunk snail can be the most loyal familiar pet of a steady, discreet, and reclusive witch.


The mysterious and dreadful witch is shrouded in the shadows of witchcraft, maintaining a close relationship with snakes and insects, particularly the mouse. It not only spreads the disease, but also brings about death and makes people frightened. Therefore, the mouse becomes an evil ally of a witch.


In many stories and comics, the skeleton represents not the end of life, but coexistence with death, and because the skeleton is considered to be a bridge between life and death, it is believed to symbolize leaving the old world and moving towards rebirth. If you have the steampunk skeleton 3D puzzle to put on your ritual scene for decoration, that would be very cool for a mighty witch!

Embrace Your Familiar Pet for Ritual Scenes

With meticulous design and detailed instructions, these model kits will guide you through the magical creative process. As you assemble each part, what you create is not just a model, but a familiar pet suitable for various predicating ritual and similar scenes. These DIY familiar pets from Moyustore are more than 3D metal puzzles, they are the evidence of your magical abilities and creative spirit, also the perfect ornament on your ritual table and mysterious scenes. You can place it on your altar, and carry it with you during rituals, making it an integral part of your magical journey. With the collection of 12 different model kits to choose from, you can be sure to find the right familiar pet of mysterious ritual props to suit ALL your magical pursuits!

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