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10 Best Cool non-candy Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults | Moyustore

10 Best Cool non-candy Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults | Moyustore


Why Celebrate a Halloween Party?

This tradition has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to exorcise ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a day to commemorate all saints. Some families celebrate by hosting a masquerade and playing special games like picking apples and telling ghost stories. Sometimes kids go trick-or-treating - knocking on doors in communities they trust to collect candy. Many people also use pumpkins as lamps.

Are you still looking for something that isn't candy to give away this Halloween? In fact, there are plenty of reasons to give your loved ones scary and spooky gifts, especially if they're obsessed with this spooky holiday. If you're invited to a Halloween party, some spooky 3D metal models for Halloween at the party can also be a little fun for the host! Make October even more magical with these fun Halloween treats. Check out these 10 non-candy Halloween treats.

 1. Halloween Spider Lamp

In the Middle Ages, spiders, black cats and mice were considered evil companions of witches, plus it likes dark places (depending on the breed actually), Halloween-related landmarks such as haunted houses, cemeteries, creepy caves, dub Full of spiders and cobwebs. So the spider has become an important symbol of Halloween. This spider light combines a spider shape with a light bulb to add a festive touch to Halloween.

Halloween Spider Lamp Metal Model Kits Steampunk Sculpture DIY 512pcs

2. Spooky Purple Spider Model

Because this steampunk purple spider is limited to Halloween, this time the spider is mainly purple, with purple eyes and 8 pointed metal feet, which is creepy and instantly renders the whole Halloween atmosphere. come out. Imagine having this purple spider on a pumpkin head with a cold moon behind it, and it's terrifying!

Steampunk Mechanical Metal Purple Spider 3D Sculpture  Assembled Model Kits
3. Steampunk Octopus kits for Halloween

Halloween is unlike any other holiday. Candies, costumes, Jack-o'-lanters, witches, ghosts, goblins ... and octopuses? Why not! Seeing as we all enjoy Halloween, we felt it would be fun to enjoy our steampunk octopus metal model kits to this magical holiday. It's a great  choicefor decorating with little kids in mind, this octopus metal DIY puzzle is spooky but not scary. Add some treasure for a pirate's delight Halloween display! Two octopus skeletons, of course! Get one octopus, small or large, to create the most unique Halloween decoration display in your neighborhood.

Planet On Steampunk Mechanical Octopus

When you think of spooky Halloween creatures, an octopus might not even cross your mind. We usually decorate for the season with animals like spiders, bats, crows, owls, and cats. However, we think an octopus can be creepy in its own way. Although they’re not particularly dangerous toward humans, they’re uncannily smart and move in ways that might look a little unsettling to us. This Planet On Steampunk Mechanical Octopus Metal Model Kit will help you bring the spookiness from under the sea into your home! It has eight legs, starry eyes made of glow planet that will really let the creepiness shine. You’ll enjoy displaying this unique skeleton creature at Halloween year after year!

4.  Small Steampunk Octopus Moon Night Light


 5. Octopus Lamp for Halloween

I think octopuses are the best gift idea for Halloween because they can change their skin color at will according to their surroundings. The vampire squid has eight arms and two tentacles, and the crimson membranous tissue between the arms is reminiscent of Count's cloak. Especially when the vampire squid is disturbed, it reverses its "cloak" to reveal the large spines under its arms. This species looks quite intimidating when showing this gesture. Check out our octopus lamp metal model kits for the very best in unique pieces from .

 6. Steampunk Seahorse for Halloween

If you are looking for a gift for someone who love seahorse on Halloween, I recommend you get one steampunk seahorse kits.They are absolutely gorgeous! All of Moyustore seahorses are meant to be fun, magical decorations, ornaments, or toys. Their only job is to make people smile. This kit of seahorse is approx 18cm tall. The all skeleton design combines with the light-up planets. It would make the perfect, unique gift for the hostess of a Halloween party.


8. How to Build an Anglerfish DIY kits for Halloween?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing what to be for Halloween – build an anglerfish! the anglerfish is a creepy sea animal with a large, toothy mouth and a special lure used to trick unsuspecting prey into becoming a tasty snack. Lantern fish, also called anglerfish, wear some of the most striking colors and ornate physical adornments in the ocean.This unflattering creature lurks in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean abyss and is without a doubt one of the strangest marine animals, or in this case, a perfect Halloween gift idea.

9. Steampunk Mechanical Metal Wasp on Glow Jupiter Moon Planet

10.  Little Night Light Lamp for Halloween

We hope you enjoy this year's Halloween special and wish you all a happy and safe Halloween. Happy trick or treating!

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