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10 Best Steampunk Model Kits to DIY | Moyustore

10 Best Steampunk Model Kits to DIY | Moyustore


Let's check what's Steampunk.

It typically features 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery, and most steampunk props usually have metallic looks. It incorporates retrofuturistic technology and aesthetics inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

So now, let me introduce 10 Steampunk models to you!

1. Steampunk Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D Metal Ocean Model


What is it? 
This is Anglerfish, also known as the humpback anglerfish, are famous for using the dorsal fin spine to lure prey. They live in the bathypelagic zone of the open ocean at depths of at least 2000m, where there is completely no sunlight.

Where can I find this? Click: Anglerfish


2. 3D Blue Whale Animal Metal Steampunk Model


What is it? 
From heaps of scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware, the sculptor creates this Mechanical Blue Whale. Each creation includes carefully crafted joints that provide a wide range of natural movement, allowing this steampunk model to be posed and reposed over and over.

Where can I find this? Click: Blue Whale

3. Steampunk Mechanical Purple Spider Model

What is it? 
The spider and other critters that craft from spare car parts look like fantastic creatures out of an alternate retro universe. Check out the amazing details on this spider, like the serrated blade edges that form the teeth, and the awesome spine.

Where can I find this? Click: Metal Spider

4. Steampunk Mechanical Mantis Insect Model


What is it? 
This metal Mantis was created as the Ground combat unit, their wings support the temporary fly when attack enemies. Be careful for their cutter, it can cut you easily.

Where can I find this? Click: Mechanical Mantis

5. Lucanidae Stag Beetle Mechanical Model


What is it? 
The Lucanidae Stag Beetle was created as the Transportation unit, their huge body can carry things more than you want, but it will automatically counterattack when attacked by an enemy.

Where can I find this? Click: Stag Beetle

6. Metal Mosquito Insect 3D Mechanical Assembly Model


What is it? 
This Steampunk Mosquito will be the best air scout, nobody would care about this mini thing, even they aren't the real mosquito, they are made of metal and full of scientific function.

Where can I find this? Click:  Metal Mosquito

7. Metal Mechanical War Beetle With Sound Control Light


What is it? 
The mechanical War Beetle will catch all space in the sky, it has light and voice control to make sure to settle all enemies in the sky. Enemies got no chance to safely land on the floor.

Where can I find this? Click: War Bee

8. Mechanical Firefly Insect 3D DIY Assembly Model


What is it? 
Firefly is the Logistics part of the Steampunk world, assemble with light so that it can work at night also. The metal material would be the guarantee for their long working time.

Where can I find this? Click: Mechanical Firefly

9. Mechanical Assembly Metal Dragonfly Insect Puzzle Model


What is it? 
Dragonfly is the Messenger on the Steampunk world, their wings assemble with metal and leather material so that it can deliver messages very quickly. This also the guarantee for their long working time.

Where can I find this? Click: Metal Dragonfly

10. Steampunk Metal Brass Wasp Bug Model Insect with Light


What is it? 
Metal Wasp would be the leader of the Steampunk insect union, you could see it ruthless and decisive when she makes the decision through the base and light when something happens.

Where can I find this? Click: Steampunk Wasp Bug


For more Steampunk model, kindly check below link:




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