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12 Best 3D Metal Dragonfly Assembly Kit for Insects Lovers

12 Best 3D Metal Dragonfly Assembly Kit for Insects Lovers


The Symbolism of Dragonfly


Dragonflies, as common little insects in our world, often carry the profound symbolism of wisdom through adaptation, transformation and embodying the essence of maturity that comes with personal growth. These graceful insects also represent the bold pursuit of transcending boundaries and challenging the status quo. For countless generations, dragonflies have stood as powerful symbols of joy, fresh beginnings, and transformation. They are beacons of hope, signs of change, and traces of love.


As beautiful decorations, metal dragonflies have always attracted countless people's eyes effortlessly. With a unique metallic sheen coupled with a captivating design, these metal decors infuse any environment with an artistic charming.


However, the metal dragonflies we offer present a distinctive feature - they come in a kit version and need assembled by your own hands, awaiting your unique creativity to bring them to life. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a unique craft that is entirely your own.


What You Will Get?

When you purchase our Metal Dragonfly assembly kit, you will receive the following items:


  1. Various parts of a metal dragonfly- including wings, body, head and other small pieces.
  2. Screws and nuts - for a DIY assembly.
  3. A detailed assembling instructions: detailed steps help to finish this funny DIY project.


Start Your DIY Journey

After unpacking, you can start your DIY journey with this metal dragonfly, and please follow the steps below:


  • Step 1 - Sort the Parts

Check all the parts to make sure you haven't missed any. Then sort them into individual groups for a convenient subsequent assembly.


  • Step 2 - Assemble the Metal Dragonfly

Begin assembling the metal dragonfly according to the assembly guidance provided. Attach the parts together with screws and nuts, making sure each part is securely mounted.


  • Step 3 - Enjoy the Assembled Dragonfly

Once you've finished the assembling, you'll be able to admire your very own handmade metal dragonfly. Place it on your windowsill, garden or desk and make it a work of pride.


Why Choose a DIY Metal Dragonfly?


  • Uniqueness: Everyone will assemble it in a slightly different way, therefore your assembled metal dragonfly will be unique.
  • Creative Fun: DIY is a fun activity that can release your creativity and reflects your artistic spirit and imagination.
  • Great Gift: This metal dragonfly kit is also a unique gifting option for friends and family to enjoy DIY fun together.


12 Different Metal Dragonflies

Among these 12 varied metal dragonflies, each one has its unique characteristics. Whichever one you choose, it offers a nice assembling experience and decorative effort, let's explore this colorful selection together.

Classic Brass Dragonfly

This is a traditional and normal dragonfly, the whole is made of brass with typical wings and a long torso, highly reproducing the common dragonflies in life. If you adore classic and minimalist design, this dragonfly will be ideal for you.

Pinkish-Purple Dragonfly

Exudes brilliant and eye-catching colors, this dragonfly, with pinkish-purple wings, torso, and eyes, will add a splash of color to your DIY process. A perfect decorative piece to accent your garden or balcony, and the bright color definitely makes a statement!

Greenish-Blue Dragonfly

Mainly consists of greenish-blue eyes and torso, and aluminum wings, which are designed to recreate the transparent wings of a real dragonfly. The turquoise color always reminds people of deep forests and tranquil lakes, choose this dragonfly, and brings you a peaceful mind.

Colorful Dragonfly with Metallic Sheen

When you see this dragonfly, you can notice its distinctive feature is that is mainly in metallic dark blue, it doesn't look monotonous, because you can't ignore this pair of mysterious dark blue wings with glittering metallic luster, which always make people can't help but take a look at it more!

Orange Dragonfly

Featuring bright warm colors, this dragonfly's eyes, torso and few parts of its wings are orange, much like the real dragonfly form. This is definitely an elegant, classy, and smart dragonfly, you can place it anywhere you want to create a warm and cozy ambience.

Reddish-Brown Dragonfly

If autumn were to be given a color, it would be the reddish-brown color of the harvest. This Reddish-brown dragonfly, with most of its body a vibrant warm reddish-brown color, is a true embodiment of nature's beauty. Whether as an assemble toy or decoration, this reddish-brown dragonfly will be a talking point that your guests will marvel at.

Tiger-Striped Dragonfly

This dragonfly has black eyes and black torso, while its wings are black and yellow, with a wing in unique pattern that restores the realism of the dragonfly's wings very well. It looks stylish and awesome overall, so if you like cool style, don't miss it!

Metal Little Dragonfly

This little dragonfly has an overall brass color, its wings are like scissors and always keeping in a flying gesture, as if it will come back to life and then fly away at any time by moving its wings. This dragonfly is for animal lovers and those who love realistic critters.

Wide-Winged Dragonfly

The unique feature of this dragonfly is that it has two parallel wide wings, and the wings are glittering golden. No matter which angle you look at it, its wings are perpetually shimmering with a flowing light, almost like a dragonfly which only exists in a fairy tale.

Amber Dragonfly

With a pearls-embellished torso, and amber-like decors on its wings, the beauty of this assembled amber dragonfly is indispensable. Sparkling with unique faux-diamond colors, it can be a brooch accessory, a cool pendant, or a surprise gift!

Dragonfly Transmission Device

Inspired by the principle of flight of dragonflies, the linkage lever of the dragonfly transmission device is driven by a motor to generate propulsion, so it drives the wings of the dragonfly to vibrate up and down. As if the dragonflies are flying in the courtyard. It is a perfect STEAM toy and personal collection display!

Red & yellow Dragonfly

This dragonfly has golden compound eyes and torso, with red wing veins and yellow at the wing tips, a lively and passion comes out. The details are exquisite, even the small red dots on the tips of the dragonfly's wings are carefully reproduced, making it perfect as a nice little gift for friends or family!

With these 12 extraordinary metal dragonfly puzzle kits, you can enjoy DIY fun and watch them transform from small parts and pieces to finally become a living and breathing dragonfly. From the classic brass dragonfly and the gorgeous dragonfly with a metallic sheen, to the jewel-like amber dragonfly that can be used as a brooch, each dragonfly will surprise you with their unique features. Shop now and experience the fun of DIY metal dragonfly models and enjoy the beautiful dragonflies you have complete!

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