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15 ACTUAL Reasons Not To Visit Australia (Visit Anyway) | Moyustore

15 ACTUAL Reasons Not To Visit Australia (Visit Anyway) | Moyustore


When I heard people mention Australia in the past, I always had a little yearning for that unfamiliar place:The legendary Great Barrier Reef is beautiful and unique, and the animals that live there are lovely, until I saw a Youtube video of 10 Reasons To Never Visit AUSTRALIA (Aussie Reacts).

What you think of Australia is synonymous with animals such as vigorous kangaroos, sleeping koalas and cute wombats. In fact, Australia is a place where you can "surprise" everywhere. Some kangaroos, on the surface, are national treasures, but they are secretly working as security guards to support their families.

After all, no one can predict that when you come home from get off work, who will knock on the door and try to visit you.

Of course, they were always polite and didn't bother each other casually.

Anyone who has studied geography knows that Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, has complex climate zones. The Tropic of Cancer runs through central Australia, with tropical desert, savanna climates to the north, tropical rain forests and subtropical monsoon climates to the south, and so on. This is destined to be particularly diverse in species in Australia, and each climate zone has its own unique flora and fauna. Australia is home to more than 2,400 different species of arachnids.

It doesn't matter where you live, the fact that you haven't seen a big spider at home just means you haven't lived long enough. The good news is that fewer than 50 species of spiders are life-threatening to humans. Most spiders are friends of man and are not as scary as they seem. From the huge variety of spiders, giant earthworms and insects; to the feared deadly venomous snakes and the humble but dangerous devil gecko; Australia's wildlife is so complex that it is the most incredible place on earth one.

Snakes like to play hide and seek with you in the toilet. As everyone knows, in the Tuao world, Snake Snake can only be regarded as a low-end player. After all, as long as you open the lid, you can find clues:

And the real master will not let you find clues. Only those who have nothing to do and like to go to the toilet after flushing the toilet can receive such awards as spiders and the stimulation of their heartbeats. In addition to teaching people to be vigilant, Australian spiders have a lot to do in their native land. We've also mentioned before: "There are over 2400 different species of arachnids living in Australia, but most spiders are friends of humans."

The common monster huntsman spider, for example, is very friendly, and as long as it is not provoked, it will even "take care of humans" and destroy vermin cockroaches.

When an Aussie says "we have a baby" to you, please don't take it for granted that it's a human baby. Because he may be talking about stick insects.

Want to know "what are Australians afraid of?" In fact, for Australians who have long been trained by snakes and worms, some Australians believe that magpies are more annoying than snakes and worms. The reason is that although the Australian official will explain: you are attacked by magpies because they feel that the territory is invaded and have a stress response.

But the Australian government has nothing to do...
Magpie: If I wanna kick you, I will hit you with my foot. why not now?

Here, look up to see not just the bright sky, but possibly also flying foxes.

What you meet around the corner is not necessarily love, it may be a cockatoo that grabs your food. When every "urban white-collar worker" enjoys delicious food, one human being loses his own breakfast.

Local businesses have even designed new french fry pack to help customers avoid "robbers": "Welcome to Australia, a place with reflective pack that scares gulls".

But when you think you are knowledgeable enough, there is always a creature that can subvert your perception. At the same time make you believe that there are dangers around you. Fir pine cones in southern Australia can kill people when they fall.

Sometimes it may be the Australian monitor lizards that come to hang out in your backyard;

Or the Australian moth, with its shaggy tentacles capable of knocking out any self-confident daring man.

After seeing many strange creatures, you will not be sure whether koalas are really as harmless as they seem. After all, you've never seen a koala that can play with your camera.

In this land, the lethality of some inconspicuous species has also exceeded the standard by a lot. Seeing a cow casually eat a snake, you can be sure this is Australia. But you can't tell which end of the food chain you are on.

It is no wonder that there are rumors that the food chain between Australian animals is very complex and cannot be understood with common sense. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. But in Australia, earthworms might be able to eat early birds if they wanted to.

But even giant earthworms are still inferior to frogs and snakes. When the latter two meet, you can never predict who will survive the winner.
The big green tree frog can kill a snake.

In Western Australia, there is a snake called the olive python that feeds on freshwater crocodiles.

On the surface, crocodiles seem to be the lowest existence in this food chain. But don't underestimate any creature, maybe on the side of the road, it is enjoying the deliciousness of a small shark. This is common in Australia.


When a sturdy kangaroo provokes a human, even a 200-pound sturdy man will not easily duel it. Because they know the true fighting power of this muscle tyrant. At dusk, on both sides of Australia's highways, kangaroos with well-developed breasts are the most rampant road killers.

When they see you driving, they tend to accelerate quickly and throw themselves in front of your car. Statistics show that in 2016, among the nearly 20,000 car claims in Australia, 88% of traffic accidents involving cars and animals were caused by kangaroos. When you see this scene, you will understand that these signs are used to protect you.

However, to say the wildest in this place, it has to be the Aussie natives. As we all know, Australians' perception of danger seems to be naturally different from other people's.

Robbie introduced an Australian slang term called "We're Not Here To F*ck Spiders"

Of course, to say Australia is brave, it has to be Chris Hemsworth, Australia's true tourism ambassador. Since moving back to Australia, he has shared philately pictures with "local friends" every now and then.

Later, when he was throwing a party, his "friend" Snake dropped in kindly. Ordinary earth people encounter this situation: some people scream, and some people start to think of ways to chase the snake. Ordinary Australian response: Discuss what species the snake is.


@chrishemsworth / Via

Australian fisherman Arnold Pointer rescued a white shark (female) from death two years ago, releasing it from the net.

She has a problem today: she follows him everywhere.
It’s hard to get rid of a 17-foot shark when great white sharks are a protected species, but Arnold and “Cindy” have developed a mutual affection.
Arnold says: “When I stop the boat she comes to me, turns on one side, and lets me pet her, she grunts, squints, and flaps her fins happily. ”❤️

It can only be said that if you want to make good friends with Australians, you must have courage and strong luck.LOL.




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