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15 Best 3D Metal Puzzle Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone in 2023

15 Best 3D Metal Puzzle Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone in 2023


For the upcoming Halloween in 2023, we have handpicked the curated list of 15 different Christmas gifts from Moyustore for you to make this holiday season shine. They are all 3D metal puzzles, but each one has a different highlight. Whether you're shopping for a craft lovers, a home decor enthusiast, or someone who simply loves metalwork, these unique, steampunk, and creative 3D puzzles model kits are sure to bring joy and a sense of industrial charm to your loved ones.

What You Will Get?

If you purchase one of the 3D metal puzzles, here are the items you can receive:

  1. A complete3D puzzle model kits.
  2. A set of assembly tools. (For example, screws and screwdrivers)
  3. A detailed assembling instructions. You don’t have to worry about you can’t finish the 3D puzzle, the instructions are coming with step by step details to ensure your assembling process.


Start Your DIY Journey

After receiving the package, you can start your DIY journey according to the following steps:

Step 1 - Sort the Parts

Before starting the assembly, please make sure your parts are complete and nothing is missing. Then categorize these parts into different sorts that facilitate subsequent assembly.

Step 2 - Start the Assembly

With the help of screws and screwdrivers, you can start the DIY assembly according to the given detailed instructions.

Step 3 - Enjoy & Display

After completing the assembly, you can enjoy this exquisite 3D puzzle. It can either be used as a decor to put anywhere you want, or as a gift for someone else. A gift assembled by your own hands is always more heartfelt.


15 Different 3D Metal Puzzles

These fifteen 3D puzzle model kits cover a wide range of different types and styles of models, from animals to insects to Santa-themed models, and even V8 engine model, let’s check them out!

Skeleton 3D Model Kits

Made of stainless steel alloy material, this sturdy and durable 3D puzzle perfectly expresses the form and features of the skeleton model through fine craftsmanship. Let this mechanical skull model adds a steampunk flavor to your Halloween and Christmas!


Red Fox Model Kits

The tail and head of this red fox 3D puzzle are made of red transparent plastic, giving the impression of a veil of mystery. The movable joints on the head and tail allow you to pose the fox in various postures to achieve different visual effects, and the overall image of the fox is very harmonious and dynamic. Perfect for those who love cute animals.


Tiger 3D Model Kits

Bengal tiger, the largest tiger in the world and an endangered species, this tiger 3D model kits is designed after the Bengal tiger and made of colorful plated metal parts. The upturned tail shows its dominant position among all animals, ready to attack. Ideal gift for those who love dominant animals.


European Dragon Model Kits

Among various types of dragons, this flying dragon is designed based on the European dragon, as phoenix and dragon always symbolize brave and encouragement, that’s why we picked up this European dragon model kits. Coming with two pairs of wings including gray wings and flashy colored wings, the playability of this European dragon model kits is highly increased. Two pair of wings bring double fun. The assembled dragon is always in the flying position with a stand for displaying its gesture and design details.


Dinosaur 3D Model Kits

This purple dinosaur 3D model kits can't be missed if you have kids who love 3D dinosaurs. All metal parts are polished and they won’t hurt your hands, and the leg joints and mouth are adjustable to post any postures and actions you like to display at the desktop or bedroom. Pick up one dinosaur 3D model kits for your little kid now!


Butterfly 3D Puzzle Kit

This beautiful blue butterfly kit can not only let children recognize the beauty of butterflies, but also can be used as an educational toy for children to understand the construction of butterfly wings, many joints and wing structures can be adjusted for a better display and viewing, its wings are like a blue lightning bolt, very eye-catching, suitable for children who love beautiful butterflies.


Red Ladybug Model Kits

The ladybug comes with a red coral-like shaped pattern on the back that is gorgeous to look at. Made of stainless steel metal, it sparkles like diamonds and looks like a jewelry with the red floral pattern. Once assembled, the ladybug model kits can be used as a brooch or as a pendant and ornament. Perfect as a gift for women!


Purple Scorpion King Model Kits

Made of stainless steel, this 3D puzzle perfectly embodies the dominance and majesty of the Scorpion King with the use of metal, and highly reproduces several body parts of the Scorpion King, including the torso, legs, tail, and needle-like tail stinger. The purple color highlights the mystery and danger of the Scorpion King, this model kits is suitable for those who loves cool and mysterious.


Spider 3D Puzzle

This spider 3D puzzle is not only a spider model with movable joints, but also a Bluetooth stereo that can play music through the spider's belly. The wolf spider size is 16 x 14 x 14cm. When Christmas comes, you can play Christmas music via Bluetooth connection or insert a TF memory card. It's both a toy and a stereo, perfect as a Christmas gift for your family!


Wasp 3D Metal Puzzle

Coming with two different wings and tail pins, you can freely change and match them according to your personal preference to create a unique 3D wasp. All the joints of the wasp are movable, and you can also add extra voice-activated light modules to the eyes and abdomen of the wasp to increase the playability of this interesting mechanical wasp.


Insects 3D Metal Puzzle

Includes 7 different metal models of insects - spiders, dragonflies, wasps, deck bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and an unknown insect, you can acquire a different insect 3D metal puzzle every day from this beautiful Christmas gift box, and remain anticipation and mystery. A whole set of different insect 3D Metal puzzles packaged in a beautiful graphic carton, perfect as a Christmas gift for others!


Christmas Santa Guitarist Model Kits

Combining Santa's costume and guitarist character with a head designed as a night light. The colorful ambient lights automatically change colors at the touch of a button, making this sure to be the most creative holiday gift of the year. All body joints can be adjusted in order to be placed into any shape, making it an ideal Christmas 3D puzzle gift!


Santa Claus in the Forest Kinetic Model Kits

This Santa Claus 3D metal model kits is equipped with a light-up component, driven by a slow-speed motor, the lights will change as the motor is driven, and Santa Claus will sway from side to side, this small device makes your Christmas more beautiful and cozy, and it is also an excellent STEM educational toy. Come and pick it up for your kids!


Kinetic Dragonfly Model Kits 

Consisting of a blue dragonfly and a transmission device, this device can work by vibrating the wings of the dragonfly up and down once assembled, imitating the flight principle of dragonflies in nature, just like the dragonflies flying in the garden. Also a perfect 3D metal puzzle for STEM education and people who love dragonflies.


V8 Engine Model Kits That Works

Eat, sleep, and build a v8 engine with Moyustore. This V8 engine is modeled after a real V8 engine and made from hundreds of metal parts. You can build an engine by yourself, following the detailed instructions. It adds much fun to the assembly as it actually runs. This is not only a wonderful 3D metal puzzle, but also a model that can simulate the running of a real engine. Perfect gift for engine enthusiasts! Let's build your own v8 engine kits together.



Here are all these 15 Christmas gifts above from Moyustore, if you haven't figured out what to get your family, friends or neighbors for Christmas, don't hesitate to check out the list of 15 3D metal puzzles above, with a variety of styles and shapes of 3D puzzle model kits, you're sure to pick the right one!

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