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20 Creative Cool Steampunk DIY Crafts

20 Creative Cool Steampunk DIY Crafts


Are you looking for some particularly cool cool steampunk fashion and DIY projects? Are you a science fiction writer? Or have you been obsessed with hybrid tech sci-fi? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you are STEAMPUNKnati! Below we will recommend 20 steampunk crafts for you, which are not only steampunk style, but also can be assembled by yourself.

So if you're a fanatic, we've once again brought your imagination to life with our list of the easiest, cool and funky steampunk crafts!

1、Metal Model Kits Steampunk Octopus Jupiter Moon Night Light

2、Steampunk Mechanical Metal Mosquito on Glow Jupiter Moon Planet Series

3、Steampunk Brass Kerosene Lighter

4、Steampunk Model Dynastes Pupa

5、Steampunk Model Stag Beetle Pupa

6、Steampunk Metal Model Robot Basketball Player Brooke Fence Head Night Light Edition

7、Steampunk Metal Model Robot Table Tennis Player David Night Light Edition

8、Steampunk 3D Monarch Butterflies Model Building Kit

9、Steampunk Mechanical Mutant Chameleon Metal Lizard Kit Difficult Puzzle

10、Abandoned Whale Warship Metal Steampunk Assembled Model Kits With Light 3D Handmade Crafts

11、Little Green Beetle Steampunk Insect Metal Bug Model

12、Steampunk Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D Metal Ocean Model DIY Kit with Luminous Bulb

13、Steampunk Metal Brass Wasp Bug Model Insect with Light Handmade Assembly Crafts

14、Metal Steampunk Industrial Style Bowed Head Table Lamp Man FigureModels

15、Steampunk Style 3D Assembled Metal Golden Dragonfly Sculpture Model

16、Steampunk Metal Fire Fly Insect Bugs Puzzle DIY Model Kit with Display Base

17、Steampunk Spiritual Sparrow 3D Metal Kit

18、Steampunk Big Mosquito Insect Model Kit Metal Art Insect Statue-Blood007

19、Steampunk Octopus Ocean Warriors Sculpture Assembly Model Kit

20、Steampunk Bee Gather Honey on a Flower Bugs 3D Metal Assembled Model Kits

Please look forward to more introductions about steampunk products, see you in the next issue.

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