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3 Best Metal Puzzle Gifts for Tinkerers | Moyustore

3 Best Metal Puzzle Gifts for Tinkerers | Moyustore


As for someone who loves to diy stuff, it's satisfactory to build with 3d metal puzzles. It requires patience, attention, and time to finish building a 3d metal mode kit. It's quite challenging indeed but you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you get it assembled. We've picked 3 unique gifts and 3d metal puzzle kit sets that anyone, Tinkerers, in particular, will love.

Desperate Pursuit Motorcycle (600+PCS) $129.99

Get ready to embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure with the Desperate Pursuit Motorcycle 3D DIY Metal Model.

It is designed by Moyustore designer for almost six months and after many revisions and refinements. He dreams of being a biker when he was young. However, the dream never came truth because of his health problem. So he decided to use another way to memorize his dream. So that's it, a cool Desperate Pursuit Motorcycle model building kits. This is the first one he has designed.

The assembled "Desperate Pursuit" motorcycle model has a unique appearance. The head and front wheel are designed with spikes and launch tubes on both sides. The huge engine is like a fierce beast in the jungle, roaring as if telling its power and wildness. The four huge exhaust pipes protrude outward like snake heads ready to lunge out and release their deadly venom. The side of the motorcycle was designed with two metal skulls, and a hint of danger permeated around the body.

When it comes to difficulty, honestly, this model is moderately difficult to assemble, but don’t worry, instructions are provided to help you assemble it step by step without glue or any other extra tools. It weighs 1000g, has 600+ parts, is assembled by screws only, and takes about 15 hours on average to assemble.

what a unique gift for the motorhead in 2023!

Mechanical Diver Ape (700+PCS) $99.99

The Diving Ape kits is a fascinating and vibrant piece of creative 3D DIY Metal Assembly Model that makes for an immersive and exciting building experience. Best metal model sets for teens and adults!

It takes about 8 hours to assemble all 700+ parts together and is moderately difficult to put them together, with instructions provided to make sure you get through the process step by step.

After the assembly is completed, you will be able to see a length of about 25cm diving ape, it carries a transparent but color-changing energy bottle, a mouth holding a respirator, and the breathing tube can emit a mysterious light, the face an opaque diving mask, and holds a glowing trident. The metal luster and multiple colorful parts on the diving ape body make this model looks more texture and mysterious! The best gift for divers. It'll be a stunning addition to your 3d metal puzzle collection.

Movable Metal Centipede (480+PCS) $59.99

This scary Centipede Model is a metal assemblage model designed after a centipede. The most simple one to build even if you are new to it.

It takes only 3 hours to assemble all 380 parts together and we provide instructions to help you through the process step by step. The finished model looks like a silver flying centipede with a total of 20 segments throughout the body, 19 pairs of legs on either side of the body, and a total of 2 pairs of tentacles on the head and tail. Anyone centipede-obsessed in your life will appreciate this metal-centipede-themed building set (it makes a great Halloween day gift).

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