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4 fun Model Building Activities for National Love Your Pet Day | Moyustore

4 fun Model Building Activities for National Love Your Pet Day | Moyustore


National Love Your Pet Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated on February 20th. The day is all about showing your furry friends some extra love and affection and letting them know just how much you appreciate them. While it's important to love and care for our pets every day, this holiday is a special opportunity to go the extra mile and make them feel extra special. Pets are an important part of our lives, and they bring us joy, love, and companionship. Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, bird, fish, spider, or any other type of pet, National Love Your Pet Day is a great time to celebrate the bond you share with your furry friend.

1.Spend some extra quality time with your pet, whether that's going for a walk, playing together, or simply cuddling on the couch.

2.Spoil your pet with some extra treats or toys, or make them a special homemade treat that they'll love.

3.Take some cute photos of your pet and share them on social media, or make a scrapbook to commemorate your time together.

4.Consider donating to a local animal shelter or rescue organization to help other pets in need.

On Moyustore, we have gathered fun model-building activities that you can do for your pet this weekend for National Love Your Pet Day. Build a special 3D metal puzzle for your pet.

1. Build a Bunny 3D metal puzzle for your rabbit

Soft and cuddly? This is a bunny with attitude and if you love 3D metal building kits, you should definitely let him hop into your home.

Building Bunny kits is a fun project for both young and old and although some experience with model building will help, it doesn't require a huge amount of skill even if you are new to it. These kits are often referred to as 3D metal puzzles, but they're not like paper jigsaw puzzles. Step-by-step paper or online instructions will help guide you along the way and as long as you're patient and take care, you'll be rewarded with a new bunny friend to share your desk with. and sometimes you can also play songs by just turning on the Bluetooth speaker on the rabbit model. On Moyustore, you can find a different version of rabbit metal model kits to build. the best gift for any bunny lovers ever.

2.Build a Turtle kit for your turtle

We all know that many children like turtles very much, because tortoises do not bark, cry, or make noise, are not fierce, and are relatively interactive. They will run with you, cultivate their sentiments, and provide friendship subsidies, which are incomparable to other pets. The docile turtle is the best choice for children's pets. Let's raise a little tortoise, entertaining and teaching children to change their interests and hobbies, guide them to gradually break away from online games, and game consoles, and rescue them from cartoons and mobile phones. For a turtle lover, children can build a complete turtle metal model by assembling the scattered parts. The direct effect is to understand the basic structure and composition of each part of the animal turtle. The indirect effect is to cultivate hand-eye coordination and independence and improve observation and analysis ability and concentration. For the cognition and feeling of nature, the world of children will be very different from that of us adults. They look at the world with pure eyes, and they will form a wonderful connection between animals and themselves. By putting together a little turtle, you can better understand nature.

3.Build a Spider kit for your Spider

you know what? There are also some spider lovers in the world, who keep many species of spiders, such as tarantulas. This is a personal hobby, just like keeping pet dogs and cats. All spiders are venomous basically, as it is a matter of toxicity. Generally, the toxicity of tarantulas is not harmful to humans. After all, it is an entry-level pet spider. And spiders are quiet, clean, and cute. Generally, the common tarantulas in the market have a lifespan of about 10 years. Just imagine that you buy a 3-year-old baby spider to raise, and then watch it grow up bit by bit, how meaningful it is. This is one of the reasons why spiders are so popular.

According to the current situation, spiders do not bite people in most cases. In fact, they are also very timid, so don't be afraid. However, it should be noted that tarantulas will kick their hair, which is a defensive action. The specific method is to use the comb-like structure on the last pair of feet to brush down the bristles on their abdomen and spread them in the air, so as to achieve killing For the purpose of protecting the opponent and oneself, these hairs have an anti-itch effect, and some people's skin will be allergic. For people, as long as they don't fly into the eyes or enter the body through breathing, it's fine.

Of course, I also strongly recommend putting together a tarantula model on this special day. Before assembling, you need to read the assembly manual to understand some precautions. After the assembly is completed, the shape restoration is still in place, and it is more appropriate to put it on the table as a small ornament at ordinary times. The movable joints of the spider's eight legs have a certain resistance, and the size can be adjusted according to the needs of the placement. There are many choices. If it is a larger spider, the overall size of the spider model is as big as a palm, and the appearance and details are more delicate, so it is very suitable as a desktop decoration.

More and more people like to raise cold-blooded animals, such as snakes, lizards, spiders, and so on. Today, we will talk about chameleons which are very popular recently. In addition to being quiet and not disturbing others. The reason why you treat it as a pet is that the chameleon is quite ornamental. In addition to its skin that changes color due to the environment, its goldfish-like bulging eyes are also amazing. There are thick granular protrusions on the eyelids, some of which can be used as pupils. Like the aperture of a camera, the eyelids can open and contract suddenly, and the left and right eyes can move independently of each other. Amazing, right? Chameleons mainly use their long tongues to catch insects such as crickets and locusts for food. Even if they are kept in a terrarium, their living habits and hunting methods have not changed. Therefore, if the owner of the chameleon wants to interact with it, you can attract the chameleon's attention by holding food such as insects in your hand, or shaking a branch with brightly colored leaves to let the chameleon notice it instinctively, and then observe its further actions, and their performance is often very interesting.

Of course, you can also spell a chameleon for him and chameleon lovers. During the assembly process, different part colors represent different chameleon moods. This chameleon is super cool and full of futuristic elements from cyberpunk. When you finish spelling, watching it stand on the table will give you a strong sense of satisfaction. Assembling, complex design, rich colors, and other details reflect the cyberpunk culture, combined with the chameleon's own angular sense of hierarchy, which is very cool. It's worthy of collection.


Although cats and dogs are considered quintessential pets, the truth is that aquarium fish are widely accepted as household pets. Of course, this makes them the third most popular pets after dogs and cats. It's hard to feel stressed watching a thriving home aquarium. There is only one peaceful thing out there that can calm you and those around you. This is part of the reason you find fish tanks in high-stress environments like offices and hospitals. Managing stress levels is very important to your overall health and well-being. Not only can spending time around your tank calm you down, but maintaining it as a routine can also have benefits.

For a deep-sea lover, I recommend assembling a steampunk anglerfish (we also call it a lantern fish) on this special day. Mechanics, gears, and steampunk will take you to experience the intracranial orgasm together! The time when you complete this excellent work, it is full of a sense of accomplishment! It is this metal trendy game, the steampunk lantern fish, which is the beauty of the collision between machinery and metal. the mechanical texture of lantern fish seems to have breathtaking magic. The lanternfish hide under the deep sea, and the lights indicate the beginning of hunting. The giant fangs and fangs show the domineering of the hunter, which can easily tear the prey into pieces. The steam-powered sharp teeth are endowed with full destructive power. The mechanical lantern fish dressed in a steel coat, shuttled through the perilous deep sea, showing indestructible arrogance. This energy-capturing lanternfish transfers the natural law of the weak and the survival of the fittest to steampunk and uses metal and machinery to create a picture of animals fighting and killing, which is very shocking.

The combination of lantern fish is more difficult and challenging. The number of parts is 1170, including split calf leather, the weight reaches 1111g, the size is 260*100*180, and the assembly time takes 28 hours.

The metal parts are a combination of dark and bright colors. Yes, the lantern fish is bright and dark. The cowhide leather and the split leather (that is, the second layer leather) are genuine leather, with a more realistic texture and stronger quality, while most of them on the market Most of the leather products are split cowhide, so the materials used for lantern fish are more expensive.

The texture of the parts and the number of thousands make the assembly more difficult, more interesting, and more playable. Real mechanical power is full of complicated processes when you start to build this anglerfish kits. The successfully assembled lantern fish kits can also emit light, which perfectly presents the appearance characteristics of the lantern fish. How can people not love this steampunk-style metal model kits? Happy National Love Your Pet Day! 

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