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8 Steampunk Butterfly Colors Meanings and Symbolism

8 Steampunk Butterfly Colors Meanings and Symbolism


The beauty and mystery of butterflies has enthralled cultures around the world since the beginning of time. Their seemingly miraculous appearance from the husk of a chrysalis inspires visions and hopes of rebirth and renewal.

There are traditions that believe butterflies are the souls of deceased relatives, while others think that the souls of dead warriors are reincarnated as butterflies. Some faiths see an allegorical symbol of resurrection in the emergence of a butterfly from its “tomb” of the chrysalis.

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects on earth, known for brilliant colors and graceful flight. They inspire smiles, and it is mesmerizing to observe them in nature.

Their life cycle suggests a spiritual journey: a small egg develops into a caterpillar, which becomes a cocoon that transforms into a thing of great beauty and grace. This journey can serve as a metaphor for our passage through life as well. We all grow and change throughout our lifetime.

Inspired by the beauty and mystery of butterflies, we present: The Steampunk Butterfly in 8 exciting variations!

The wings of our Steampunk Butterflies are beautiful, and perhaps even as deadly as blades. Their eyes and distinctive bodies are achieved with machine precision.

These Victorian Era Steampunk automatons command the air and dare anyone or anything to impede their purpose! They are the machines that imitate one of the most distinctive flying insects in all the world.

Perhaps you’ve already assembled some of our Steampunk butterfly models. But did you know that each Steampunk Butterfly has a specific meaning? Allow me to present the meanings and secrets of our Steampunk butterfly models.

We will focus on the importance of the butterfly’s color, but there can also be special significance to the position of the butterfly. The meaning of the color can be affected by whether it’s in flight or resting.

Orange Butterfly 

This color represents optimism and happiness, suggesting that life will improve in the future. It also urges us to take responsibility for our future. For this reason, it encourages activity and promotes the idea of a quick recovery.

 If a butterfly of this color flies close to you or lands on you, it means there will be happiness soon in your life. If you find one in your house, it heralds the arrival of a welcome visitor!

Red Butterfly

If you see a red butterfly, prepare for a major change in your life! This color can also symbolize romance, prosperity in relationships, years of happiness, and spiritual care.

Brown Butterfly

If a brown butterfly enters your home, it is the bearer of good news. If you have been waiting for a long time, important news will arrive soon!

In some cultures, a brown butterfly is said to represent the spirit of a deceased person who is attempting to warn you of some misfortune.

There are other countries, such as the Philippines, where the brown butterfly represents monetary income.

Blue butterfly 

The rare blue butterfly symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and good luck. When you see one, make a wish and wait for it to come true!

It’s why so many people love the blue butterfly kit.

Black butterfly

A black butterfly can be interpreted in many ways, depending on who sees it.

Some beliefs suggest its appearance is a bad omen. Some consider that it foretells small obstacles to overcome.

In other cultures, the black butterfly is considered a symbol of transition, renewal, or rebirth.

Still others see it as a symbol of fear, mystery, anger, remorse, evil, or sadness.

White butterfly

White butterflies are often seen as positive signs of good luck and prosperity. However, they can be interpreted differently depending on the culture.

For example, in some areas, seeing a white butterfly entering a house symbolizes good luck, while others associate it with death.

Some cultures see white butterflies as symbols of purity, as well as the souls of their loved ones or angels who protect them. If the insect lands on a person and later releases it, it will bring you good luck.

Green Butterfly

Green butterflies are associated with progress, good luck, and abundance. According to some cultures, if you see a green butterfly, it represents love, prosperity, and health.

If you see one in your house, it suggests that you will achieve a proposed goal, and if you see it flying around you, it means money and luck.

Pink Butterfly

This insect is uncommon, and it is associated with progress, good luck, and abundance.

In addition to symbolizing wealth, finding a pink butterfly suggests that you will soon meet someone important in your life.

In many countries, people believe that seeing a pink butterfly indicates that they have confidence, patience, and self-confidence.

Pink butterflies also have a spiritual meaning. If you have a problem or feel lost, seeing a pink butterfly symbolizes that you will find your way in life.

In Summary

Regardless of whether you believe in the symbolism of butterflies or you just appreciate their beauty, our popular butterfly kit models are designed to enchant both adults and kids. Our metal puzzles with their unique Steampunk theme will be a delight to build and a pleasure to display! Consider the deeper meanings of color as you select a Steampunk butterfly, whether it is for yourself or as a very special gift, Choose the butterfly that suits you best, there are more than just butterfly kits for adults!


    I saw a blue butterfly 🦋 in Costa Rica at LA Salva rain forest.


    I also believe that if he went butterfly flies into your home it’s going to bring your peace love purity and good luck

    Lynn Miles
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