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All You Should Know BEFORE Getting A Pet Tarantula Spider | Moyustore

All You Should Know BEFORE Getting A Pet Tarantula Spider | Moyustore


Over the past few years, tarantulas have become one of the most popular pets. Because they are so unique, quiet, require only a small space for movement, and are fairly easy to maintain. Tarantulas are fun and quiet pets that don't take up much space, they don't require a lot of maintenance, and they're cool and have a great personality. Keeping tarantulas as pets can be a great personal preference. But if you're an animal lover who likes physical contact with your pets, tarantulas aren't the best choice because their bites are indeed poisonous.

What special features does a tarantula have?

Tarantulas belong to a family of arachnids. There are about 850 species of tarantulas in the world, 500 of which are native to the American continent, and 460 of these 500 species have bristles. Tarantulas have wolf-like hairs on their backs and eight eyes. Some tarantulas are so poisonous that they can poison a sparrow, and a large tarantula can even poison a person. 8 eyes black, arranged in three columns. The legs are stout, spiny and end with 3 claws. Named for being good at running, jumping, agile, and ferocious. More than 1500 species worldwide. Medium and small body 3-25 mm long. Activity on the ground, ridges, ditches, farmland and plants. At rest, they hide under rocks or in soil crevices, and some species live in caves. They usually come out to feed during the day, but also at night in warmer regions. The average length of a tarantula's legs is between 5 and 8 inches. Females are usually larger than males.​​

Tarantulas are also very vigilant and hide in the gravel, making them difficult to spot. Most of the holes are drilled in the ground and lined with silk pipes. Some use waste to hide the entrance of the hole; some build a tower-like structure above the hole. Few species weave nets. The tarantula hissing sounds like the sound of ripping silk by rubbing the front of its head, which is used to grab food, and the first pair of legs, which it uses to walk. This low, dog-like bark, which acts as a deterrent to enemies, is perhaps the most successful place tarantulas have evolved in their evolution.
Although the tarantulas in the Old World are fierce and often eat their own kind, they often show a warm side to their children. Most tarantulas take good care of their offspring. Mother tarantulas often starve and eat nothing in order to keep their children full. After baby tarantulas are born, female spiders often become very anorexic and gradually lose weight, and they don't start eating a lot until the babies grow up.

Some Tarantula Behaviors You Should Know

Generally speaking, tarantulas are solitary animals. Frequent cleaning is not recommended unless necessary. For example: moving the spider out of its shell for cleaning. In this case, it's better to coax the spider into a small container for transport than to move it in your hands.
Tarantulas are generally docile, which is why some people do allow their spiders to walk on their bodies. However, tarantulas will bite if they feel threatened, and their bites are venomous. Another problem with dealing with tarantulas is skin irritation from the tiny, spiny hairs on the abdomen. If they feel threatened, spiders release these hairs, which can get into your skin and cause itching and irritation.
While their defense mechanisms somewhat complicate their overall care, tarantulas are actually fairly easy to maintain due to their small size. Expect to spend a few hours a week feeding and cleaning. Then you can enjoy observing this unique animal. Tarantulas are usually most active when hunting live prey. Otherwise, it usually stays motionless.

Are Tarantulas Harmful to Humans?

Tarantulas do bite, and the bite is venomous. For most species, tarantula venom is as toxic as a bee or wasp sting. Generally, a spider bite will cause local pain, redness and swelling. But after being bitten by a spider, some people experience the same allergies or anaphylaxis that they do after being bitten by a bee, and these reactions can be fatal. In addition, there are some spiders with very strong venom, their bite is fatal, or the victim is deeply poisoned. So, even if you have a non-lethal spider, avoid being bitten. The best way is to understand the behavior and personality of spiders, and how to feed them accurately. Tarantulas are wild animals and need to be respected. However, the law of nature is that most spiders will choose to avoid rather than attack.
Another thing to note in caring for tarantulas is that these tarantulas have itchy hairs on their abdomens. When they feel threatened, they rub their abdomens to release the itchy hairs. These tiny hairs can easily enter the skin, making the victim feel itchy and irritated. If these tiny hairs get into the eye, they can easily seep into the eye and cause inflammation. So it is important to keep the eyes away from this type of hair. After your body comes into contact with spiders and spider cages, be very careful not to rub your eyes until you wash your hands. At the same time, don't look too closely at the spider. If you accidentally touch some small hairs on your hands, you can try to stick the surface hairs off with tape first, and then wash them with water. Also, keep tarantulas out of reach of children and other pets.

The Ultimate Guide To Breed Pet Tarantulas


1) How to Care for a Pet Tarantula?

Spiders have a mixed diet, hunger-resistant, strong vitality, and simple feeding methods. As long as the three basic conditions of food, water and concealment are ensured, they can grow and develop normally, spin silk and reproduce.
Spiders are not gregarious animals, and one should usually be kept in a cage. They need a secure cover to protect their enclosure, but the cover must also have ventilation and mesh fences, as they can be escape artists. For terrestrial tarantulas, a general rule of thumb is that the enclosure should be about three times the spider's leg span in length, about twice as wide as the spider's leg span, and only need to be about the same height as the spider's leg span. A 20 liter aquarium usually works well. A bigger crate isn't necessarily better, as it makes the prey harder to find. For arboreal species, also choose enclosures with legs that span 3 times as long and 2 times as wide. The height should be about 30cm, including some branches that can be used for netting.
Your tarantula also needs a hiding place. A piece of cork bark, half a hollow log (often available at pet stores), or half a clay pot on the side are all good choices. Tarantulas do not need bright lights and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

2) What can tarantula eat?

Feed your tarantulas crickets, supplemented with other insects, including mealworms, super worms, and cockroaches. Large tarantulas can even feed small mice and small lizards. In general, the size of the food should be smaller than the tarantula's body. Adult tarantulas eat about once a week, and young tarantulas can eat once a day. Simply place the prey close to the spider's home. Feeding is best done at night when the spiders are more active. Always provide a small pan of fresh water, but it must be shallow to prevent drowning. You can put some pebbles on the plate to give the spiders something to crawl out of, just in case.

3) Are male or female spiders better?

As pets, female spiders are usually a better choice for the simple reason that females outlive males. A female Chilean red rose spider can be expected to live more than 20 years, while male spiders of either species are unlikely to survive for more than a few years.When you choose a spider, avoid spiders with their feet tucked under the body and spiders with no water in their cages. Try to find out the scientific name of the spider you're buying for the most reliable feeding and care information, and find out its gender and age.

4) What type of tarantula is best for beginners?

There are many different species of tarantulas, each with a different size and appearance. With knowledge of the different species of tarantulas, it is often easy to care for them. Because different species of tarantulas are reared widely in different environments and methods, it is important for pet lovers who will or are raising tarantulas to understand the species of tarantulas.

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