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Amazing Teching  Kinetic Dragonfly Build Review by Ken | Moyustore

Amazing Teching Kinetic Dragonfly Build Review by Ken | Moyustore


This model has intrigued me for a long time. It always seemed like a kinetic piece of art instead of a model. It looks extremely delicate and highly detailed. I am happy to say it is actually more than that. The model has great instructions and very tight tolerances. It brought to mind the precision watch company near where I grew up. Perfectly machined pieces that fit together precisely. It not only works but it is fascinating and soothing to watch.

When I received the package, I knew this would be a great build. All the pieces are well protected and labeled. You can see in the closeup picture the part numbers engraved into the foam padding

Screws, Bearings and small parts were separated into compartments in a plastic box. Each part number and description were located on the cover of each compartment. A picture of each part was available in the instruction guide.

Delicate pieces like the dragonfly wings were each protected within the packaging.

The build was like assembling a work of art. The pieces fit without a glitch. At no time did I “Make it work” or have to adjust something. Every screw and spacer fit seamlessly. If you have built a few models, you know the moving parts can be a challenge. The gears aligned precisely and the axels fit perfectly.

Although it appears to be extremely delicate, it is actually well made and strong. The design of the electronics is superb. It is designed so the electronics are simple to understand. Everything is well marked and matches perfectly to what is shown in the instructions. Nothing is a “Close fit” or “Needs coaching”. Like other models, you need to look ahead in the instructions and lay out all the pieces you need for the step before you begin. Read the instructions, lay out the parts for the step, read the instructions again then assemble the step.

If you are willing to take your time, this is a great model for someone without a lot of experience. If you are an experienced builder this model will spoil you. The parts fit flawlessly and the finished model works perfectly. This model contains a rechargeable battery and a charging cord so no looking for batteries after you finish the build.

Again, the model is amazing. The design, the tolerances, the quality of the pieces and the instructions are exceptional. I think the quality was so high that it made me go a little slower and not try to force parts together. You realize quickly this is a next level model. The finished product will be enjoyed for a long time.


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