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Are 3D Metal Puzzles Better? | Moyustore

Are 3D Metal Puzzles Better? | Moyustore


I was given a 3D wooden marble run puzzle as a gift. I finished it and it worked great. But the parts broke easily because of the very thin wooden parts. I decided to look for more 3D puzzles and found a site called Moyustore.

I saw a lot of very interesting metal 3D insects, animals, vehicles, etc.
I went to the website and scrolled through their inventory and picked this 800-piece spider with Bluetooth speaker. It took about a week and a half to get it from China. I opened it up and there was a plastic toolbox with all 800 parts in individual bags labeled to match the instruction booklet. I will admit I was a bit surprised to see so many parts and different bags.

It said it could be completed in 7 hours. Well, I can tell you unless you have done one of these before you should maybe start with a smaller size puzzle. There are a lot of parts and I had to redo a lot of pieces because I did not pay close attention to the instructions. It took me about a week to work on it a few hours a day. But in the end, I was very impressed with what I had accomplished and it looked amazing.

The parts were all metal, except for the Bluetooth speaker.

And it will last for generations and is a good conversation piece.

My second purchase was the 1087-piece bull and I bought a 335-piece cannon for my grandson so he could work on his as I was working on my bull. The bull was much more difficult, with a lot more pieces, all metal, and took me a while longer because of more parts. I will admit it gets a little frustrating at times when trying to put some of the parts together myself, so I had my wife hold the pliers while I turned the screws. They do supply you with lots of extra parts in case you lose some, which is a plus.

The cannon I bought my grandson was fairly easy, some nuts were in hard-to-get areas to put them on but it is a great starter piece, I had to help my grandson with some of the parts we assembled, but it looked great when done. The only thing is the nuts do loosen the more he handles them. I am glad I cannot finish them in 7 hours as it states because I enjoy working on them, and the sense of accomplishment when done and I sit back and look at what I just finished is amazing to me that I could do it.Plus it looks amazing and I have had relatives and people say how great they looked and where did I get them.

I just received my biggest part piece, a 1636-piece scorpion with Bluetooth and I am looking forward to putting it together and seeing the end results.

There are a few things to remember when putting these together.

Firstly, lay out all the individual bags in alphabetical order, and check your inventory with what is on the parts list in your instruction booklet.

Secondly, you might want to think about maybe using lock tight to keep any nuts from loosing up as you progress so as to keep some of the nuts from coming loose, one because once you assemble apart and put it on, you may not be able to retighten it later as more pieces are added and cover it. Two because the more you handle it burns can come loose. But only do it if you are not going to take it back apart and make sure the part you assembled is correct. I did have to redo some parts on the legs several times because I got in a hurry and did not follow the instructions.

I must say that Moyustore is less expensive for the same products I have found like on Amazon and other sites.I am very happy with the quality and finished product, and it is a great value for what you will get and enjoy for a long time to come. They usually have 10-12 percent discounts.
I am really happy to have found this company and recommend it to anyone interested in hobbies like this and would be great as gifts to friends and family.

I think my next one will be the Saber-toothed tiger.

Jared wrote in California



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