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Are Red Scorpions Venomous? | Moyustore

Are Red Scorpions Venomous? | Moyustore


Red is the warning color of nature, and the Indian red scorpion is no exception, the most dangerous scorpion in the world, and the most poisonous scorpion in the world. India has thousands of miles of dense jungle, wide rivers and large tracts of undeveloped land, which is the ideal habitat for scorpions. It is found in eastern India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It usually lives near or within human settlements.

The Indian red scorpion is a fairly small scorpion, ranging from 2 to 3-1/2 inches in length. Indian red scorpions are called red scorpions, but their color is not necessarily red. There are reddish brown, orange, brown, etc. These scorpions are generally about 9 cm in length and relatively large in size. Its color varies from bright reddish orange to dark brown. This species has distinctive dark gray ridges and graininess. It has relatively small pincers, a thickened "tail" (telson) and a large stinger. Like spiders, the male scorpion's pedicles are slightly more bloated than the female's. Like other scorpions, Indian red scorpions fluoresce under black light.

This scorpion hunts at night and occasionally eats small lizards or mice and can grow to nearly 9cm long, making this a fairly large scorpion.

Although scorpions are not aggressive, they will sting when stepped on or threatened. What really matters, however, is its venom, and it secretes a lot, with a mortality rate between 8% and 40%. Children are the most common victims. If you are stabbed, you will have severe pain, vomiting, sweating and convulsions, which will affect the normal activities of the heart and lungs, and even cause pulmonary edema, which is the main cause of death, and within 24 hours Without good medical treatment, the result can be imagined. The venom targets the lungs and cardiovascular system and can cause death from pulmonary edema. Antivenom has little effect, and the blood pressure drug prazosin reduces the mortality rate to less than 4%. Some people have had severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, to venom and antivenom.

Generally, scorpions reach sexual maturity between 1 and 3 years of age. Some species can reproduce asexually through parthenogenesis, while the Indian red scorpion can only reproduce sexually. Mating occurs after a complex courtship ritual, in which the male grabs the female by the palpus and dances with her until he finds a suitable flat area to place the sperm cyst. After it guides the female over the spermatocyst, the female accepts it into the genitals. While female scorpions generally do not eat their mates, sexual cannibalism is not uncommon, so males leave quickly after mating.

The female gives birth to living shoots, which are called shoots. Young ones are like their parents, except they are white and don't prick. They stay with their mother and ride on her back, at least until their first molt. Captive Indian red scorpions can live 3 to 5 years.

Despite their powerful venom, Indian red scorpions are kept as pets. They have also been bred and bred in captivity for medical research. Scorpion toxins include potassium channel blocking peptides that can be used as immunosuppressants in autoimmune diseases (eg multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis). Some toxins may have applications in dermatology, cancer treatment and as antimalarial drugs.

The so-called medicine is three parts poison, so why can't poison be used as medicine instead? The answer is naturally yes, the toxin of the red scorpion has been used in medical research for arthritis, and has made significant contributions to inhibiting cancer and so on. Scorpions use toxins to break down organisms as they eat, and then eat them, just like fireflies eat snails.

Although the scorpion is the first of the five poisons, its personality can be considered docile, and it will not take the initiative to attack humans under normal circumstances. Many people have kept scorpions as pets.

There is another species of red scorpion called the red wood scorpion. do you know? In reality, some people use poisonous mahogany scorpion as nail art. It is understood that this method of using poisonous scorpions to make manicures is very popular in Mexico. The venom on the nails can kill people in 15 minutes, which is scary to hear.

A local highly poisonous scorpion in Mexico, the "mahogany scorpion", has gradually become a new favorite nail art for Latin American women in recent years. They glue the corpses of juvenile mahogany scorpions to their nails, which at first glance presents a strange beauty. A local nail salon in Mexico has launched the "scorpion manicure service" since September last year. Young redwood scorpions are killed with insecticides, and then the young scorpions are glued to customers' nails. Rocío Vidales, owner of the nail salon, said that although it started as a joke, it became more and more popular. Although the poisonous scorpion is dead, it is still poisonous. Many people specially come from the United States, Canada and other places to try this "scorpion manicure" which is full of strange beauty.

It is understood that the red wood scorpion is distributed in South America and is the second most poisonous scorpion in Mexico. The venom can kill an adult within 15 to 20 minutes.

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