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Awakening Dragon Energy by Building a Dragon Metal Kits | Moyustore

Awakening Dragon Energy by Building a Dragon Metal Kits | Moyustore


Are dragons real? Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures in human history, present in various cultures around the world. From the winged fire-breathing beasts of Western mythology to the benevolent snakelike dragons of Chinese folklore, these creatures have captured our imaginations for centuries. But while we might view dragons as beings of pure fiction, their enduring popularity suggests there may be more to the story.

Dragons have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, and dragon-like creatures have appeared in ancient civilizations from Europe to Asia. In many cultures, dragons are considered powerful and sometimes terrifying creatures associated with natural phenomena such as storms, floods and earthquakes. In some cases, they are also seen as symbols of strength, wisdom and good luck.

The dragon has a very lofty status in the minds of the Chinese people, because the Chinese always say that they are the "descendants of the dragon". In the legends of the East and the West, there are creatures like dragons, but the dragons in the East are different from the dragons in the West. Dragons in the east generally have no wings, they can ride the clouds and ride the fog, they can make wind and rain, they can hide in the sea, they can fly into the sky, they are unpredictable and different. In addition, the eastern dragon is considered to be the mount of the gods, or the messenger of the gods, and most of the time it represents auspiciousness.

Most western dragons have wings, are huge in size, can breathe out flames, and can devour everything. Most of the time, western dragons appear in the form of monsters or messengers of evil spirits, representing evil. Of course, there are also dragons who stand on the side of justice. Like the dragons in the East, they are both good and bad, and they cannot be completely regarded as products of evil.

In both cases, however, dragons are seen as powerful and influential creatures capable of shaping the world around them.

Why are there similar myths and legends all over the world? Did our ancestors really see dragons? Or is it that the descendants of dinosaurs were discovered by our ancestors and evolved into the "dragons" that humans call over time? If the dragon really existed, where would it live?

What is certain is that the dragons in the human mouth must have a certain relationship with the dinosaurs that became extinct 65 million years ago, because none of the existing creatures is similar to dragons. Many dinosaurs have huge bodies and are also covered with scales. A, there are many similarities with the dragons in myths and legends, but according to the research of scientists, all non-avian dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago. How did our ancestors know?

65 million years ago, a disaster that affected the entire earth's ecosystem occurred. This disaster is called the "Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event". A large number of plants and creatures perished permanently, including dinosaurs. According to scientists It is speculated that the cause of this disaster was an asteroid hitting the earth. The huge impact caused many volcanic eruptions on the earth, and the impact produced a lot of dust. The sky blocked the sun's rays, the temperature of the earth dropped, a large number of plants died, animals could not find food, and the food chain collapsed.

The extinction of dinosaurs is a long process. At the same time, not all dinosaurs are extinct. Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. In the Jurassic period, the ancestors of birds were different from other dinosaurs. In the Cretaceous period, birds were already The sky has been conquered. In this mass extinction, the dinosaurs were basically extinct, and the birds managed to survive. And during this time, our ancestral mammals also emerged as the dominant species.

After the disaster, the size of the surviving creatures was significantly smaller. Although giants like blue whales appeared in the ocean, the creatures on land were obviously much smaller than the original sauropod dinosaurs. This is because the disaster not only affected creatures, plants were also greatly affected, and the current environment is no longer suitable for the existence of huge creatures.

There are two possibilities. The first is that dinosaurs survived longer than we thought. Some dinosaurs survived in a certain area and were encountered by our ancestors, but these dinosaurs did not persist until today. The second possibility is that our ancestors discovered incomplete dinosaur bones. These huge dinosaur bones are often incomplete. These unusual animal bones made our ancestors think that some kind of huge creature existed, so they fabricated Various myths and legends, dragon is one of them.

Is it possible that dragons really do exist, but have just been hidden from us somewhere?

Although human beings are now very advanced in science and technology, there are still many places on the earth that humans have not explored, mainly in various inaccessible corners, as well as the depths of the ocean and under the ground, which are basically unexplored by humans. We The understanding of the planet under my feet is actually not that comprehensive.

The ocean covers 71% of the earth's surface area, and the sea area below 200 meters is defined as "deep sea", where the environment is high pressure, low temperature, and high salinity. The deep sea is completely different from the shallow sea, and the fish living here are also strange, and there are also a large number of unknown creatures that have not been discovered.

If dragons really exist, there is a high probability that such huge creatures will live in the ocean, because there is more food in the ocean, and at the same time, there is no need to consider that the body is too large to cause insufficient bone strength. The blue whale is a good example. There have been many behemoths in the ocean in history, but most of them are land animals that have returned to the ocean, such as whales and ichthyosaurs, which are land creatures that have returned to the ocean. Marine life has an advantage.

Whether it is a western dragon or an eastern dragon, it obviously has the characteristics of a large number of reptiles, which means that if dragons really exist and live in the ocean, they should also be creatures that moved from land to ocean. This will cause dragons to be unable to live in the deep sea for a long time, and must occasionally return to the surface of the ocean to replenish oxygen like whales, but humans have never seen these creatures on the surface of the ocean.

Assume further that in order to survive in the deep sea for a long time, dragons have evolved special organs that can obtain oxygen in seawater, which is actually quite a lot of oxygen. This leads to a more important question: "food". The deep sea lacks food, and the deeper the depth, the stronger the pressure. It is self-contradictory to constantly search for food while resisting the pressure of the deep sea. The deep sea is not suitable for the existence of large organisms, so there is basically no possibility of large organisms in the ocean.

To sum up, there is a high probability that dragons do not exist. Even if they do exist, the deep sea is not suitable for them to live in. The dragons that humans have passed down by word of mouth are most likely derived from dinosaur fossils, or simply fantasy creatures.

Although dragons are purely fictional creatures, they continue to capture our imaginations today. Dragons are everywhere in pop culture, from movies and TV shows to video games and books. But why do we find these mythical creatures so fascinating?

One reason may be their association with power and strength. Dragons are often depicted as fearsome creatures capable of breathing fire and tearing apart their enemies with ease. In a world where we often feel powerless, the idea of harnessing this dragon energy can be very appealing. Additionally, dragons are often associated with wisdom and ancient knowledge, endowing them with a certain irresistible mystique.

3D Metal Dragon Puzzle Kit: A tribute to the power of dragons

If you're looking to tap into your inner dragon, putting together a 3D metal model dragon is a great place to start. This kit contains all the parts you need to build your own dragon, including intricate metal parts that can be assembled into detailed 3D sculptures. This kit can take days to build, making it a fun and engaging project for teens and adults alike.

But the dragon puzzle for sale is more than just a fun toy. It is also a tribute to the enduring charm of the dragon and the power it represents. As you assemble your kit, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing you're harnessing the power of a dragon and creating something truly special.
Building a dragon metal kit can be a way to awaken dragon energy as it involves participating in the creative process and can help us tap into our own creative potential and channel our energies in a mindful way.

The process of building a dragon 3d metal puzzle requires patience, attention to detail and concentration, all qualities that can help us develop a deeper awareness of our own energy and the way it flows through our bodies and the world. By engaging in this creative process, we can learn to be more mindful and focused, and to direct our energies in positive and productive ways.

Additionally, building a metal dragon model building kit can be a way to connect to the symbolism and power of the dragon itself. As we craft our kits, we may begin to feel a connection to the dragon, a powerful symbol of creativity, change, and personal growth. This connection can help us tap into the energy of the dragon and use it to achieve our goals and express our desires.

Additionally, the act of building something with our own hands can be a powerful way to connect to our own creative potential and awaken our inner dragon energy. We may start to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as we craft our kit, which can boost our confidence and self-esteem, and help us tap into the transformative power of our dragons.

Overall, building dragon metal puzzle  is a fun and engaging way to connect with the symbolism and power of dragons and tap into our own creative potential and energy. By participating in this process with mindfulness and intention, we can awaken our inner dragon energy and use it for personal growth and transformation.

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