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Best 3D Metal Puzze Toys for Aussies in 2021

Best 3D Metal Puzze Toys for Aussies in 2021


Covid-19 brought some unexpected events. We have always known that toys have always been with Australians, and we all love toys.

We have seen an amazing increase in Australia's demand for metal assembly models sold in our online store. We will devote more time and energy to serve the needs of Australians and bring them a better shopping experience!

If you see that your order has been delayed because we just had an unforgettable National Day holiday, we apologize, but we are very grateful for your support and understanding.

Why buy metal assembly model toys?

Broadly speaking, the metal assembly model is something that challenges the player's creativity or sense of accomplishment. There are many different types of them. After the assembly is completed, it may be a stereo, a mobile phone holder or a pen holder, etc. It is not only a toy, but also has practical value.

Different players can challenge metal assembly models of different difficulty, because some are designed for children, while others are designed for adults. They can have varying degrees of difficulty, but they will not limit your thinking, you can modify it.

How to choose the right metal assembly model?

There are many types of metal building toys, and it may be difficult for you to decide whether you really suit which product. Knowing what to look for will definitely help, so you can consider the following points before buying:

Player: Do you play the metal model by yourself or with others? There are a lot of metal models, you can invite your friends to participate with you, and some have more parts, which is very difficult.

Age: As your children grow up, you can try to buy metal models of different ages for them, so checking the age may be helpful. The general metal assembly model is suitable for people over the age of 6 or under the age of six who need to be accompanied by their parents to complete the assembly.

Complexity: Assembling models is challenging, and they may cost you more time. If you are looking for a real challenge, this may be okay, but remember that you also want to enjoy the process of assembling it. You can refer to the assembly completion time indicated in the details page.

What is the most popular model in Australia?

We have compiled a ranking of the top 8 DIY metal assembly toys purchased by our loyal customers. I know you may be at a loss when shopping, because the range of choices you can choose is too big. I hope this list can help you better choose your favorite toy! Some toys are meant to be entertaining, while others are more about education, so there are several things to consider when looking for something to buy.

#8: Tiny Steampunk Insects 3D Metal Bugs Mosquito Earwigs Bee Model Kits Gadgets

Each metal model is very small and very suitable for beginners. If you are also an insect lover, you must not miss this opportunity! You have six insect models to choose from, and I believe you will find a model you like.

#7: 1064pcs+ Steampunk Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D Metal Ocean Model DIY Kit with Luminous Bulb

Our designers used all the nuts and bolts and all the gears, leather and bulbs to make this fish statue, which will bring a steampunk style to your space. The electroplated eyes make it even more creepy and powerful. With the combination of technology and the beauty and power of natural marine life, this mechanical anglerfish has broken the limits of imagination.

#6: DIY 3D Metal Fighting Shooter Mecha Assembly Model Kit

Our designer designed a cockpit. You can enjoy the hardcore armored combat experience from the first perspective of the cockpit. The unique mechanical 3D metal mecha creates a game world with a hand-held miracle for children or adults.

#5: 800pcs+ DIY 3D Metal Spider King Model Kit Bluetooth Speaker Assembly Difficult Puzzle

You can assemble a magic speaker in the shape of a spider, or you can use existing parts to DIY other shapes to create your own unique model according to your personal ideas. The joints of the spider are movable, and the belly of the mechanical tarantula is a Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or inserted into a TF memory card to play music.

#4: 243Pcs 3D DIY Mechanical Assembly Metal Dragonfly Insect Puzzle Model Kit

It contains a total of 243 parts and it takes about 3 hours to complete the assembly. Amazing details and wonderful DIY experience. It can be collected or used as a home decoration. Suitable for people over 14 years old. Have fun and sense of accomplishment through DIY assembly!

#3: 3D Metal Assembly DIY Mechanical Mantis Insect Model Puzzle kit

It is made of high-quality metal materials and connected with screws according to the assembly drawing. You can DIY these parts into other shapes according to your own ideas to create your own unique model. Assembling the model not only exercises their hands-on ability, but also allows children to enjoy the fun of assembling.

#2: 3D Metal DIY Mechanical Wasp Insects Puzzle Model Kit Assembly Jigsaw Crafts

There are two types of this wasp model.

Normal version: The normal version cannot be used for sound control. It does not have any lighting effects.

Voice control version: with a voice control light module, you can add a voice control light module to the eyes and belly of the wasp, you can easily turn on and off the voice control light.

It can be assembled into the shape of a mechanical wasp, with two types of wings and tail pins, which can be freely replaced.

#1: Detachable Scorpion King 3D Stainless Steel DIY Assembly Model Puzzle Jigsaw

You can make a smaller palm size model. The finished product is beautifully designed and the parts are well cut, but it is a bit challenging. After completion, this will give you a great sense of accomplishment and is your best companion when you are bored.

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