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Best Metal Puzzle Gift Ideas for the Holidays!! | Moyustore

Best Metal Puzzle Gift Ideas for the Holidays!! | Moyustore


This is the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide from moyustore, which aims to provide your gift ideas without blowing your budget. Make gift giving more special, meaningful and unique! Here, You can’t go wrong with all items under our recommendation. Below, you can purchase unique gifts by interest. Just click on the holiday gift guide you want to buy!  Hopefully, it saves you time and makes your shopping a bit easier this holiday season!


Want to gift him a special and functional metal assembly model? Then choose this one. The shape of the scorpion is very unique, and the color of the body is very eye-catching. It is definitely an assembled model that makes people impressed at first glance. If he/she is a Scorpio, this model will definitely make your gift the best gift. Unlike other metal assembly models that can only be used as ornaments, it can also be used as Bluetooth speakers. Whether it is a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, it is always the best.


Of course, there are more than one type of assembly model that are also functional. This boxer mecha can also meet your needs. Different from the Scorpio shape, the boxer model has a completely different feel as a mecha-type model. The two big gloves in his hands give people a sense of strength as if you are in the boxing battle at this moment. If your gift is for someone who loves sports, then this gift will definitely bring him a huge surprise.


If you don’t know what kind of gift is the best, then look at this, this is our exclusive product steampunk anglerfish. The designer restored the anglerfish fish according to the prototype and incorporates some steampunk elements into it. The head of the model also has a small electric lamp. The retro shape is very eye-catching and can be recognized at first glance. Gift him a unique gift in this special season.


After seeing so many assembled models, let's see something different. Take a look at this 4-cylinder car engine model. The contrast between gold and red is very eye-catching. Besides, it is also an assembly model that tests your hands-on ability and patience. It will take some effort to complete the assembly. But as a result, you will get a perfect engine model. The red color gear is very suitable for the holiday atmosphere, If you want to gift to someone who likes retro style models, then don't miss it.



You will like it when you see it for the first time. People who have seen it in the real life will be deeply attracted by the shape and color of the model. For those who have experience in assembling models, this is the best gift. There are many assembly parts, so it is a test of people’s patience and endurance, a few hours spent on this project will be rewarded with a perfect final result.


Yes, it is one of the best-selling products on moyustore. We can promise that it will never let you down. The outlook of the mecha satisfies people’s vision and each part of the body is moveable. Its body can be changed to create a variety of different shapes. If your gift is for someone who likes mecha or superhero, then go for it. It will never go wrong.


A gift that is very suitable for beginners, the price is very reasonable, and the assembly process is also challenging. After the assembly is completed, you can get a palm-sized scorpion. The whole body is full of texture and each part of its body is moveable. It is suitable for people who like to challenge and are not afraid of getting into a brainstorm, and the scorpion itself represents pride and unique characteristics. Choosing it as a gift for him is definitely the best choice.


Like the scorpion, mantis has a very prominent shape as a hunter among all the insects. The body color of the model is covered by black and Gold. It has a very nice texture and well designed. whch is very suitable for people who have deeply interested in steampunk. The assembly process is simple and friendly to beginners. But It is  also a good option for people who have experienced in assembly model. You can choose to complete it with your family and friends during the holidays. It will definitely become a good memeory for yours


Are you looking for some small and exquisite assembly models? then take a look at this one. The model is only the size of a palm, which is very suitable for female users and those who like small models. Because it is small size and easy to assemble, it is very suitable for the assembly beginners. The model also has steampunk elements which make it more special,you definitely can’t go wrong with that.


Like the previous one, this is also a steampunk-style model. In order to restore the look of fireflies glowing in the dark night. The designers added lights to its tail, and the whole assembly process is very easy and very suitable for beginners. Any child is over 14 years old can assemble it all by himself. While exercising the brain, it can also improve his DIY ability and satisfy his self-confidence.









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