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Build Your Own Beetle Kits to Learn at Home With Bugs | Moyustore

Build Your Own Beetle Kits to Learn at Home With Bugs | Moyustore


Recent studies suggest that there may be 10 million species of insects worldwide, accounting for about half of all living species on Earth. But at present there are only 1 million species of insects with names, accounting for 2/3-3/4 of the known species in the animal kingdom. It can be seen that there are still 90% of the species of insects in the world that we do not know; according to the most conservative estimates, there are at least 3 million species of insects in the world, and there are still 2 million species of insects to be discovered, described and named. About 1,000 new species of insects are now published in the world every year, and they are included in the Zoological record. Therefore, the journal is a must-see search tool for researchers engaged in animal classification.

How many types of beetles are there?

Ornamental beetles are generally divided into two categories: dor beetle and stag beetle.

1. dor beetle belongs to the Beetle family. these pet beetles are generally huge in size, with long horns on the head and chest. Brown and black are common, and there are other colors such as yellow, white, black and yellow, and the body length is 5~ More than 8 cm, large worms can grow to more than 10 cm, or even 15, 16 cm. dor beetle is mainly composed of rhinoceros beetles, such as unicorn, halberd, ares, and mammoth:

(1) Trypoxylus dichotomus

The head of the Trypoxylus dichotomus has a giant maple horn that is symmetrical on both sides and bifurcated. The larvae feed on humus formed by leaf rot or dead wood, and the adults feed on sap from tree wounds or ripe fruit. The life cycle is about 1 year. They are often kept as pets.

(2) The longest recorded adult body length is 184 mm. It is the longest beetle in the world and one of the largest beetles in the world. It is distributed in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. It is so powerful that it can lift objects 850 times its own body weight. It is named after Hercules in Greek mythology.

(3) The size of the wild halberd is generally 65-140 mm for males and 55-90 mm for females. The God of War is large, docile in temperament, and has hard black glossy elytra, which are smooth and not rough.

(4) The adult body surface of G. mammoth is covered with short golden-yellow hairs. The male G. mammoth has well-developed head horns and short thoracic horns that extend obliquely to the left and right. The female mammoth has no head horn, the pronotum and the upper half of the elytra are not covered with hairs, and the rest are covered with short golden hairs like the male mammoth. The fine hairs fall off from wear and do not regrow.

2. Stag beetles belong to Coleoptera Polyphaga, Scarabidae family Stag beetles. In the early 21st century, about 1,200 species have been discovered all over the world, and about 50 species have been recorded in Taiwan. It is a completely metamorphic insect that goes through four stages in its life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Stag beetle, oblong, large black or brown beetle, with metallic luster, firm skin, large and prominent mandibles like antlers, big and strong head, Antenna geniculate. Generally born in dead wood, among humus soil, larvae move in a small range, so the degree of development is closely related to the food abundance of the surrounding environment, more common in forest areas.


The mandible is the most distinctive feature of stag beetles. In general, only males have well-developed mandibles, although some species of males and females have mandibles that are very similar and not particularly developed.

The male stag beetle is very majestic and powerful, so it has become the object of many beetle lovers. In addition, males of the same species of stag beetle often form many different forms due to their different body sizes, as well as the size and shape of their mandibles.



To show the distinct beauty of insects, Moyustore designers have made a collection of insect DIY sculptures modeled after many types of beetles.  All you need to do is to assemble the wings and body from pre-cut parts to create a beautiful 3D metal puzzle. Normally it takes about 60 minutes or more to finish one sculpture. Everything fits together without the aid of glue or any extra materials. You simply enjoy the experience of building a bug from the ground up. Each beetle kits come with a detailed instruction as well as a colorful exoskeleton and wings that have a metallic sheen.

A. Steampunk Stag Beete Price: $63.99 USD


Flying Stag Beetles kits $39.99 USD

Steampunk Model Stag Beetle Pupa $269.99 USD

Real Steampunk Green Beetle Insect : The art of reviving dead insects $79.99 USD

Assembly Trypoxylus Dichotomus Insect $63.99 USD

Large Dynastes Hercules Beetle 3D Metal Puzzle $229.99 USD

Cheap Insect Model Kits $19.99 USD

 If you are looking for some gifts for boyfriend, husband, brother or family members, I recommend beetle diy kits from Moyustore


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