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Different Ways of Showing Affection from Animals with Insects | Moyustore

Different Ways of Showing Affection from Animals with Insects | Moyustore


Humans will give gifts to their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Animals in the natural world also have their own unique skills of showing love. Although they are not as smart as humans, they are also very serious about love. Many animals try their best to make the opposite sex smile: doing pull-ups, singing and dancing, presenting flowers and gifts, etc. The sweet love of animals is like a festival every day. Today, let’s take stock of the unique ways animals show love.

1. Penguins

When humans get married, they need a wedding house as a warm home for the young couple. The same is true for many animals, such as penguins. They also need to use pebbles to build their own nests before marriage. Therefore, male penguins need to choose some Pebbles as a gift. It is usually not easy to find smooth and clean pebbles of the right size in the icy Antarctic, but this is not difficult for the little gift-giving penguins. Male penguins usually float and linger on the shore or in the water of the polar regions for a day or even several days. It takes time to find the right gift, and the more stones, the higher the "house" and the higher the chance of being favored by the female penguin.

2. peacock

For example, the animal peacock with gorgeous plumage, why does a male peacock have such a stunning appearance? This appearance does not help it find food or avoid predators, so this tail is really a drag. Charles Darwin once pointed out that this is sexual selection. We can explain the reason why peahens have such beautiful tails because peahens choose the most beautiful mates, and the aesthetic standard of peahens is to see whether the other party's tail is beautiful enough. Scientists have confirmed this when male peacocks clip several eye-shaped patterns from their tail feathers, and their attraction to the opposite sex has since been found to plummet.

3. Kangaroo

The love scene of the kangaroos is comparable to a kickboxing match, and they must win the match to have a chance to be eligible for courtship. The contestants will first perform a walking ceremony with their legs stiff, and then use their forelimbs to tickle themselves, comb their hair, and warm up. After getting ready, the two sides still have a sense of ritual of a competition. They will first lock each other's forearms to test their strength, and then start punching. If after a few rounds, the two sides still can't tell the difference, the kangaroos will perform their own unique stunt "Australian flying kick". When making a move, the kangaroo will fly and kick the opponent quickly. After a fatal blow, the winner can marry a wife and pass the door.

4. Seahorse

The love dancing male seahorse makes the first gesture of love, and after winning the favor of his fellow female, they dance together. Eventually, the female seahorse transfers her eggs to the male seahorse, who then becomes the rare species in the world with a father to conceive.

5. Anglerfish

In the deepest part of the ocean, the anglerfish is consistently voted the most disgusting animal. Pictured above is a female. The male is the size of a small tadpole. When he spots a female, he attaches to her body and integrate herself into her body, parasitic on her partner forever.

6. The snail

the father and the mother The snail is a hermaphroditic species. Therefore, when two snails meet and hit it off, they must first determine who will be the father and who will be the mother, and their unique negotiation method is shown in the picture above!

7. Albatross

love and kill each other. Two albatrosses who love each other express their affection to each other through elegant dances, and then have a "sword fight". Swing the head around the opponent, forming a jockey's posture to meet the battle. From a distance, it looks like a French kiss, and it looks like a wood-chasing bird "knocking down a tree".

8. Elephants

show love and madness Elephants love to express their emotions. They usually hug and wrap each other with their trunks. Not only for partners, they often express their emotions through physical contact for friendship, family affection, etc. This is really worth learning for each of us.

9. Frigate bird

send you "love" It has a big pouch around its neck, and in love he blows the pouch to its fullest and forms a heart shape!

In addition to humans and many large animals living on this colorful earth, there are actually many small insects. Although these small insects are small, they can be seen everywhere in nature. Although insects are small, they also have their own emotions, so how do insects court? Is it really not inferior to humans? Different insects have different ways of courtship. Some attract mates through sound, some secrete special smells from their bodies, and some courtship through light emission. The courtship methods of many small insects are really not inferior to humans.

Insects are also sentient beings, either to satisfy their own physiological needs, or to expand their own team for the purpose of procreation, they will use various special methods to find their "best mate" after adulthood. Fireflies are a very obvious example. The beautiful fireflies we see on summer nights are flying around with lit "lanterns". A courtship signal from a partner.

Some insects also seek mates through their own "language" like humans, such as the crickets we often hear on summer nights. Many people will only simply think that crickets are born to sing, but they don't know the truth. Crickets can also be very quiet, and the reason why they make sounds is that most of the time they are sending courtship signals to other crickets of the opposite sex around them.

In addition to the first time, some other small insects also have their own unique ways of courtship. They will successfully attract the surrounding opposite sex by secreting a special smell from their bodies, and achieve the ultimate goal of courtship. . So don’t think that insects have emotions and desires when they are very small. In fact, the world of insects is also a rich and colorful world. If we can calm down and observe carefully, we will find that insects actually have emotions and desires, and even force them to humans.

 1. Mantis

The one we are most familiar with in the animal kingdom that offers life as a wedding gift is the praying mantis. The "grooms" may be ready to sacrifice for love before courtship, but in most cases, if the female praying mantis does not eat their heads during mating, they still want to go after the daring. . Eating male praying mantises increases reproductive success for fertile females, especially when this happens towards the end of the breeding season, when male praying mantises have fewer chances to mate again and female praying mantises get less food at this time. Fewer and fewer, eating the male praying mantis improves egg survival.

2. cricket

Insects also use vocalization or singing for courtship, such as crickets. Female tree crickets prefer larger male mates, in large part because of their ability to produce loud chirps.

3. Spider

Both male and female spiders have unique courtship methods. Female spiders dominate the courtship process in terms of body size and behavior, and male spiders also have their own set of body tools and postures. Female spiders typically control the courtship and mating process and exhibit strong sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism occurs when males and females of the same animal have different body sizes or colors, or have different body parts. Female spiders are usually much larger than males, and most female spiders don't hesitate to eat males. Some female plants have been known to devour male spiders immediately after copulation (or even during copulation).

The weight gain of female spiders after eating male spiders is greater than that of female spiders eating other foods of the same weight, which shows that for female spiders, male spiders are extremely nutritious food, which is conducive to breeding offspring. Therefore, when the famous poisonous spider black widow is copulating, the male spider will deliberately turn his body over to the mouthparts of the female spider for the female spider to feed on. The purpose of male spiders dedicating themselves to female spiders is to prevent female spiders from going to other male spiders for secondary mating, so as to ensure that their genes can be passed on to offspring. This situation has been verified in some spiders. For example, after mating with a female spider, some male spiders put a special substance into the reproductive tract of the female spider to block it, preventing other male spiders from mating with the female spider.

4. Dragonfly

In dragonflies, when a male spots a female of his own species, he must subdue her first. Usually when they are both flying, he will hold her firmly and even bite her to control the initiative. Male dragonflies make sure their sperm is the last to be stored in the female. They increase their chances of becoming a father by destroying the sperm of their rivals, so when he mates, he uses the barbs on his organ to scoop up the sperm of other males in his mate, making sure his own can replace any previous mates she has . [8] Be the last father to fertilize her eggs.



Scorpions are unique looking arachnids. Their eyesight is poor and they can only see a distance of 25.4 millimeters in front of them, however, they have a very sensitive sense of touch. The body surface of the scorpion is covered with many fine hairs, which are used as antennae. Without a doubt, the sense of touch is the most important tool scorpions use during courtship. Underneath the scorpion's body is a characteristic organ used for touch called the pectin.

When two scorpions are courting, they approach each other face-to-face. They then lift and twist their tails together (although scorpions can bite humans and other animals with their tails, they are themselves immune to such bites). The male scorpion often leads the female scorpion, which looks like a dance. Some species of scorpions perform courtship dances for many hours until they find a place to mate.

After courtship and mating, the female scorpion sometimes eats the male. In this way, it wants to tell the female scorpion that it is not just a piece of food, but that it wants to mate with the female scorpion first.


6. Butterfly

Butterflies in pairs are a symbol of beautiful love.

Butterflies are short-lived, and most live only a week or two after eclosion. In order to successfully complete the sacred mission of breeding, butterflies must race against time to carry out individual communication in order to fall in love with their favorite mates. At this time, body color and pattern are extremely important information elements. In order to survive, many butterflies hide themselves through protective coloring or mimicry, but in order to reproduce, they often attract the favor of the opposite sex through high-light performance.
During the rainy season, males chase females, courting them by showing off the glittering eyespots on their wings. However, the spots on the wings of the female butterflies that emerged in the dry season reflect more and brighter ultraviolet rays, and the male butterfly becomes the object of courtship. The female butterfly will use the same dance as the male butterfly in the rainy season to court the "Prince Charming". Certain species of butterflies can also use the polarized light reflected from their wings to lure the opposite sex and find a mate.

7. Beetles

Beetles are the most evolved group of insects in the world. Their elytra are good for foraging, courting, and avoiding enemies; their hard armor is good for protecting themselves from harsh environments such as food shortage, drought, and cold.

In order to compete for mating rights, beetles have evolved a large number of weapons for courtship duels. There are almost no end to the variety of these weapons. There is only one purpose - to enable the groom to hug the bride tightly. Such a seemingly insignificant action is very important to beetles, otherwise it would be impossible to explain how they can produce so many dazzling tools.

In many species of beetles, the legs of the male beetle are equipped with round, flattened suction cups that allow him to attract the slippery body of the female beetle during courtship. The female beetle is equipped with several deep grooves on the armor sheath, or grows a thick layer of fine hairs, so that the lover can hug herself and prevent her from slipping off, so that it is convenient for the other party to hug.

The mandibles of stag beetles are also very developed, but their usage is different from that of tiger beetles. They are usually used to fight each other. There is a pair of mighty mandibles on the head of the male stag beetle, coupled with the hard and shiny body, it looks like a majestic "gladiator" in armor. During the breeding and mating season, two males often duel for love. They attack each other with their toothed mandibles. Well, just "sitting on the mountain and watching the fight", and finally accepting the courtship of the winner.

Do you also know the courtship methods of those animals and insects? Welcome to leave a message

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