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Does Chinese Dragon Exist? | Moyustore

Does Chinese Dragon Exist? | Moyustore


The dragon is a creature in Chinese myths and legends. Different from the giant dragons in the West, the Chinese dragon has a domineering appearance and incredible abilities, and is a symbol of dignity! But legends are legends after all, do creatures like dragons really exist? Or which creature on earth will be its prototype?

In many people's cognition, myths and legends are people's awe of the unknown nature, and things in myths and legends can always find their prototypes in reality. In fact, this is also the case. Many strange creatures and gods in mythology have been mapped to real creatures and natural phenomena.

But not all myths and legends can find their prototypes in real life. For example, a creature like a dragon, we cannot tell its prototype is the kind of creature in real life! Moreover, no matter from which point of view, the existence of dragons is incompatible with our current laws of physics!

Dragon's Flight Mystery
Unlike the giant dragons in western legends, the Chinese dragon has no wings. From a biological point of view, it is impossible for creatures without wings to fly, at least no creature on earth can do this. However, we know that the Chinese dragon can ride the clouds and ride the fog, soaring above the nine heavens, which obviously violates the laws of physics.

Of course, some people think that the ability of dragons to fly does not violate the laws of physics. Under the existing laws of physics, there are at least three ways for dragons to achieve flight.

The first method is to float. If the mass of a creature like a dragon is extremely small, coupled with its huge size, it can completely float in the air, just like the hydrogen balloons we often see. But it is difficult to explain why the dragon has very fast speed and high maneuverability.

The second method is gliding. Just like a paraglider can glide in the air, the dragon's volume is completely used as a paraglider, so it can soar in the sky in this way! Of course, this kind of statement is actually not advisable, because the premise of gliding is to have a sufficient height, and the dragon can't always climb to a very high place every time it flies, which is obviously absurd!

The third method is anti-gravity. We know that the reason why an object cannot fly is because of the effect of the earth's gravity. If it can overcome the earth's gravity, it will naturally be able to fly in the sky. But anti-gravity is not just talking about it. With the current technology of human beings, it is still impossible to manufacture anti-gravity devices. Could it be possible that creatures like dragons can evolve anti-gravity functions by themselves? This seems unrealistic.

Dragon's ability to call wind and rain
In addition to the dragon's flying ability, the legendary dragon also has the ability to call wind and rain! Obviously, this is also a category that science cannot explain.

According to mythological records, dragons can control rainwater. Whenever it needs rain, dragons will spawn dark clouds in the sky, and rain will fall in a short time. They can even control the amount of rainfall flexibly. This is incredible in the eyes of scientists!

You must know that although we can carry out artificial rainfall at present, this still requires prerequisites. If the moisture in the air does not reach a certain level, artificial rainfall cannot be successful. But the dragon's call for wind and rain obviously violates this principle, as if they can produce rain out of thin air.

Some people even think that the reason why the dragon can call the wind and rain is because it is an alien aircraft, and its ability to rain is just like our artificial rain. But artificial rainfall is not omnipotent, and the dragon's rainfall ability is omnipotent, which obviously cannot be confused.

where does the dragon live
The most important point about the dragon's secret is the residence of the dragon. Where will it live?

According to legends, dragons are creatures in the ocean. They are in charge of all waters in the world, which is also the origin of their ability to call wind and rain.

But from the appearance, since the dragon lives in the water, why does it have feet? There doesn't seem to be any use for anyone's feet in the water!

Not only that, the dragon does not have the characteristics of fish, it is obvious that it is a creature that relies on lungs to breathe, but how can a creature that relies on lungs to survive in water? The answer, of course, is to change your breath! The problem is that there is no relevant record that dragons can breathe in water, which is obviously unreasonable.

If the myths and legends are false, dragons actually live on land, such as some inaccessible forests, and in fact there are relevant records. However, human satellites have been able to see almost every corner of the earth, and there is still no news of the existence of dragons, at least it means that there are no dragons on land.

Just imagine, does such a creature whose appearance does not conform to the theory of evolution at all, and whose various abilities violate the existing laws of physics, even whether it lives in the ocean or on land, really exist? Can prototypes be found in real life? This is obviously impossible!

Therefore, the dragon can only be a creature fabricated in myths and legends, a fantasy creature derived from the awe of nature by early humans. There is no possibility that such a creature will exist!

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