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European Dragons VS Asian Dragons | Moyustore

European Dragons VS Asian Dragons | Moyustore


Dragons are magical animals, whether in the West or the East, their legends are circulating invariably, but scientists have not yet had clear evidence to prove whether there are such creatures in the world. Although there are dragon images and legends in the eastern world and the western world, they are not only very different in appearance, but also have very different positions in the minds of the people.

Chinese dragons are generally referred to as divine dragons. Those countries in the Pan-East Asian cultural circle, such as Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, etc., are similar to Chinese culture, and their understanding and recognition of dragons are similar.

What is the origin of dragons?

The dragon is a legendary creature, and it is also the totem and belief of the Chinese. The Chinese also claim to be the descendants of the dragon. So where did the dragon originate? This, ah, goes back to ancient times. At that time, human beings were still primitive people. In order to survive, they had to face birds and beasts in nature every day, such as lions, eagles, snakes and so on. Because these creatures can conquer the enemy with one move, humans respect them very much, and many tribes also believe in them as totems.

Among them, there is a tribe that believes in snakes. It is very powerful. After annexing several hostile tribes, it also integrates the characteristics of each other's animals with snakes. Therefore, it has antlers, fish scales, eagle claws, tiger palms, snake bodies, etc. The characteristic dragon totem was born. Out of admiration for the dragon, some people later added various powerful divine powers to it, such as heaven and earth, and calling for wind and rain. Because the ancient Chinese relied on farming for food, farmers often prayed to the dragon, hoping that the weather would be good this year and that the crops would have a good harvest. In order to establish prestige and improve his ruling power, the emperor called himself the incarnation of the real dragon and the dragon. For a long time, the dragon's status in China has been getting higher and higher.

The "Bible" is regarded as a classic by Judaism and Christianity, and the most sold book in history. This book directly identifies the dragon as the ancient snake, the devil and Satan, and is the real villain, but in the "Bible", the dragon just grows The winged human-headed serpent, and in "Beowulf", the dragon that the protagonist worked so hard to kill already has the characteristics of modern Western dragons, and represents various negative images such as evil, insidiousness, and greed. Because of the popularity of the book "Beowulf" in the West, it is equivalent to the popularity of "Nuwa Patching the Sky" in China, and it is precisely because of the "Bible" and "Beowulf" that the dragon in the West has become a big one from now on. villain.

The first is the difference in appearance. Many people may say that the dragons in the west are called tuatara, but they are similar. They usually have a body similar to a jaguar, with two huge bat wings or similar wings, four legs, two similar The head is like a horse, the mouth is full of sharp teeth, the tail is long and winding, and the end has 10,000 spikes or barbs. The color is usually black, red, green, gold, etc. Poison spray, their blood is highly poisonous, possessing great power and magical abilities. Western dragons are often associated with so-called gems, which are said to guard a large number of property and precious gems. It is said that these gems are called "power crystals", which can nurture and guard the supreme power...

Their image status in people's minds has also changed with historical changes. Generally, they are an evil image, and gradually become a neutral image in modern books and film and television dramas.

They were not born evil either. They were totems and symbols in the eyes of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Celts at first, but as Christianity became more and more influential in Europe , the image of the dragon becomes more and more evil.

In the Christian "Bible", dragons are generally the images of evil ancient snakes, devils, and Satan, so they gradually become evil creatures. The princess who kidnapped humans.

As the times require, many epic works of dragon slaying warriors appeared, telling how to slaughter dragons and become human heroes, such as the British epic "Beowulf", and the German epic "Song of the Nibelungen".

The same thing about Chinese dragons and Western dragons is that they are equally powerful and have super strength, but Chinese dragons are gods and can master spells, while Western dragons are demons and use magic. They also have a few strange things in common: they are all lustful, sexually promiscuous, they also like money and jewelry, they all like shiny things, and they are all misers.

In any case, the East and the West have developed their own dragon cultures without communication, which makes people wonder whether dragons really exist on earth, and these unsolved mysteries are still unsolved. Need later scientists to continue to explore and discover.

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