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I chose to build the thing without the stand (you can choose to buy it with or without)

It’s a really great and very detailed version of a Praying Mantis (Moyustore do several but this is the more complex to date I think) with over 350 pieces and is approx. 24 cm in length when built just so you have an idea of the finished size.

This has been a little bit of a challenge as it was more involved than previous builds and completing it without the stand meant I decided to move a few pieces ‘around’ in the final build in an effort to get it more ‘balanced’.

As always, the kit arrived the little guy arrived safely packaged in one of these rather handy little plastic boxes with all the tools and instructions needed including a very easy to follow guide for building.

The box has a very useful clasp lid which keeps everything snug and safe until you need it with each element numbered and bagged with the attached colour picture sheet of instructions.

The head was fairly easy to put together first with a pair of mandibles on either side giving the face quite a fierce ‘look’. The two antennae fitted very smoothly and the whole head piece went together very quickly with an adjoining bracket fitting behind it.

The two forearms were next, intricate but very well explained. I found the pair quite heavy when build and worried that the insect would topple forward without its base but it stood independently quite well as you can see.

Next the legs and wings were assembled – all very straight forward so far.

It’s a good idea to step through each ‘bag’ or set of instructions BEFORE screwing stuff together because quite often (depending on your dexterity or dominant hand) ideas showing you better what the instructions ‘mean’ come to life more as you examine something face to face.

Counting the number of holes in the wing segments for example will save you from screwing them together wrongly!

Laying out the pieces of the abdomen again will make the piece ‘come to life’ and you realise very quickly the best way it’ll fit together.

This is another really good ‘build’ for most people to have a go at. Its fairly complex and requires some dexterity but as long as you don’t have gigantic hands you should be ok.

The main body is focused around a really long screw that goes into a ‘cage’ you make by bending a bracket and then attaching a smaller screw – it seems impossible until you realise if you do it with the pliers provided and hold it in your left hand it all just works!

I think really the ‘trick’ of this model is definitely ‘read the instructions’ and go methodically through them and you should be fine.

The best way I can explain it is to ‘take drink breaks’, lay your work out as each piece is done, and then it’ll come together very easily.

Here’s the abdomen once complete and below is a lay out I took before one such coffee break with everything laid out.

I also found that, as you finish each piece, make sure they and screwed nice and tight because after you then attach them to the wider body adjustments become harder to do.

Its not a quick five minute model kit – it’ll take you (or at least it took me) a good few hours but its good fun.

I would recommend that you purchase it ‘with stand attachment’ though as I had to juggle my build a little without it.

Another great model from Moyustore but don’t think this’ll be one you fly through quickly.

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