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How Beetles Hack Into Ant Colonies?

How Beetles Hack Into Ant Colonies?


How many ants are in the World 2021?

There are 1 Million Billion Ants Live on Earth. Ants are one of the most interactive creatures on Earth.  Some insects and animals live by themselves. But the ants live with many other ants in large groups, highly social societies, called "colonies", where they interact with other animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi. They work alone to find food for themselves. Every ant has its own job to benefit the whole group.

How do ant work together?

Ant colonies are very organized groups, like a factory. Nestmates work together to convert resources (food) into products (more ants). There are 3 types of ants in ant colonies: the queen, the males, and the workers. The queen mates with the males to lay as many eggs as possible, which makes the team stronger and stronger. The workers are the female ants other than the queen who gather food, build the nest and defend it from intruders. 

Do ants live with other insects?

Do you know what bugs live with ants? Ant-nest beetles (Paussus).

As we all know, ants communicate with one another by rubbing together different parts of their body to make noise to stridulate with each other to share the chemical message. Paussus beetles can also stridulate and produce this kind of chemicals. In this case, they mimic ants and secrete chemicals from their antennae, which attracts ants. And then they live among the colony and slowly integrated into the ant society from an early age. the beetles hijack the normal functioning of ant society by simultaneously preying on its members and trick the ants into raising their young.

What's more, they also prey on ants and their offspring for a living and deceive the ants to reproduce their offspring by transmitting signals through their antennae. for example, ant smoothie, A species of ground beetle, sucked from carpenter ants. They also hunt ants by devouring larvae within the nest.

Artist Uses Bolt and Screws To Bring you into the Beetle & Ant World


"The Beetle &ant Series" models are converted from the story of the ant-nest beetles and ants. These beetle and ant sculptures are typically made of metal bolts and nuts antiques and materials.This masterpiece shows our designer's love for creative artwork both in the virtual and real world. Trust me, it's absolutely fantastic to put this amazing steampunk beetle and ant sculpture on your desk or box, which offers a unique view of ant climbing the desk


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