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How to Build a Chaos Butterfly Effect Steampunk Model Kits | Moyustore

How to Build a Chaos Butterfly Effect Steampunk Model Kits | Moyustore


Autor: Elexa Nosonchuk

I love the little cannister this model comes in. It comes with a little trading card with cute pictures and relevant information about this model and the butterfly it's modeled after. There is background information which is fun to read and sets the mood for this futuristic build. Each bag inside is labeled, easily sorted and all of the parts will match up to the first page of the enclosed booklet that shows each part separately. The screwdriver and 2 tiny wrenches are not only adorable, but also perfectly suited for the parts. The shiny wings are first seen here, and they are the most obvious difference from the other butterfly steampunk models.

 The steps are set up with each part clearly labeled, easy to read and clearly marked with each bag enclosed. I was given a printed booklet with English translations that were life saving for my build.

Step one can be seen in this picture with each part lined up above it before they are connected.

 When each step is finished, it is easy to compare the finished part that you've built with the picture of what the finished part should look like, as seen in my pictures.

 The pieces of step 4 make up the head. The pieces can be seen lined up next to a picture of the pieces. Again, making the build very easy to follow. And then the finished head and can compared to the next picture.

Step 6 is the body, which can be seen lined up next to the picture. Along with previous pieces that were put together in steps 1 and 2. Step 7 is when the head and body are connected.

The wings are put together around the shiny inserts, each side at a time, like a triangle. The hardest part here is making sure there is enough slack to keep the wing straight. When I tightened each piece too much between each step it made the next step harder. After each wing was fully together, that's when I tightened each previous step.



The final product is a beautiful butterfly! I had a relatively hard time connecting the wings to the body because of the angles and tiny pieces. I had someone hold the pieces together while I put the screw and bolt/knut into place. Staging the feet to make the model stand is easy and not much adjustment is needed if you've followed directions carefully. I also looked the look with the antenna staggered a little bit.

Overall, really fun steampunk starter build. All of the tools and pieces are included. I highly recommend this model!

find more butterfly here.





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