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How to Build a Steampunk Butterfly Kit? | MOYUSTORE

How to Build a Steampunk Butterfly Kit? | MOYUSTORE


Autor: Elexa Nosonchuk

This is the Steampunk Blue Morpho Butterfly from @moyustoreinfo and I loved building it! This is different from any kind of build I've done so far. It was really fun!

I love that you have to stay really organized and the steps are all set up so you don't have all 150 pieces out at once. The pieces you need for each step are separated and labeled (as pictured). I needed to look up exactly how it's supposed to look so I could tell that I was building it correctly (I was! It's always cool to worry I'm doing something wrong, but look it up and realize I just need to finish to see the entire model to see the way it's supposed to look).

It came with the tools needed to build, including heavy-duty pliers to bend metal and a tiny screw driver to fit the tiny Phillips head screws.

I think the only real issue I have is that it's hard to make each section stay tight as you move on to the next section. I could be doing something wrong, I'm not sure, but it just seemed like I couldn't tighten the legs enough to make them stay tight. I can definitely say that this is much more complicated to put together than you would think just by looking at it. It comes with different wing sets, so you can choose what you like.

I would recommend this build as a starter build for anyone who likes building other kinds of models. All of you #MetalEarth or #WoodenModel builders should check out @Moyustore for a variety of builds (cheaper than Amazon for a lot of the models, including this one!).

This first picture is showing how easy the directions were to follow because of the numbers on the bags.

This second picture is how my build looked, compared to the picture of how it said it should look in the directions

And this third picture is another view of the head, compared to how the directions said it should look.

This L bracket was in bag number 11, but I didn't see it on the directions under step 11 or any other steps. later i was notified that this is the spare accessories. but what i got was the butterfly only. that means i don't need this part.


if you are interested in the base, pls click here to buy. 


this is how it looks finnaly.

where to buy the butterflies? click

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