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How to Build Steampunk Owl Butterfly and Brush Footed Butterfly (150 pieces each)| Review by Jhon

How to Build Steampunk Owl Butterfly and Brush Footed Butterfly (150 pieces each)| Review by Jhon


A review of my first butterfly builds.These are seriously good fun!

Father and Son doing a build together again and as you can see easily constructing a couple of lovely butterflies by the end of things.

This little creature arrived safely packaged in one of these rather handy little plastic boxes with all the tools and instructions needed including a very easy to follow pictorial guide / set of instructions. Very useful if, like us, you are impatient to ‘dive in’ as soon as it arrives.

Head, legs and wings are individually bagged and there are usually a couple of spare washers and nuts included (very useful) as we always manage to drop and mislay one or two of them!

This is a really good quick ‘build’ for most people to have a go at. Its relatively small / easy in terms of a build complexity, but looks fantastic!

It’s also very simple / easy to jazz up the wings as you can see to make it truly unique!

I concentrated on the wings first and spent an hour or so putting my own ‘steampunk’ spin on them but they are great as they are out of the box and don’t need any customising if that’s not your thing.

These are seriously good fun and far too cool to just give to your kids.

If you’re looking for an easy starting model to have a go at, this is probably the best one I’ve come across.

The two of us worked side by side for about two hours to complete this project, sat drinking and listening to music whilst deciding on each bit to be built and putting everything together.

The ‘head’ and antennae / feelers are the only really intricate part but Moyustore provide pliers in the kit to make them easily enough.

As a ‘tip’ the feelers need a small loop putting in to each wire and using the pliers to wrap around will really make the job easy.

The legs look fiddly but are actually quite simple – the hardest part is pushing the screw lengths against the ‘connectors as they ‘clash’ against the body of the screw but using the screwdriver to tighten them down makes things much easier.

We actually enjoyed making ours so much we built the second one a week later – with great results as you can see.

As you can see from the picture below when finishing the legs, you need to gently crimp the copper ‘sleeves’ using the pliers. This is possibly the only bit you’ll be best placed to do for your kid. The rest of the build I pretty much had to ‘fight’ him to do as he wanted to do ‘all of it!

The Brush Foot Butterfly has a narrower body, and the tail is much simpler to put together being much fewer in terms of number of pieces.

Normally I find I have to sneak a little glue into some constructions to get them to ‘stay’ built but I haven’t had to with either of these butterfly kits.

There is one part we were a little unsure as to its purpose – the small T shaped bracket under the base. I suppose it’s just there to make carrying easier when finished.

But all in all a great model build and a very easily achieved great result – Thank you Moyustore!

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