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Introduction to the operation and functions of the manual transmission model

Introduction to the operation and functions of the manual transmission model


Today, I will introduce to you the practical gameplay of the MT5 gear transmission model.
This model has the following features:
The clutch, which can demonstrate cutting off the power of the engine;
Gear selector, select different gears;
Gear lock to prevent random gears between different gears;
Differential, which demonstrates the difference in the rotational speed of the wheels on both sides when the vehicle turns;
Differential lock, which locks the left and right axle shafts when the wheel is suspended.

1. Clutch demonstration
The clutch of this model uses a multi-plate clutch, 3 active clutch plates, 2 driven clutch plates, and uses a spring to provide pressure to ensure that the friction force is large enough to drive the gear set to rotate.

Since the model is made of PLA plastic, the friction force does not meet the transmission requirements of this model, so a silicone sheet is added between the clutch plates to increase the friction force. For this model, it works very well, with great friction and easy separation.

When you are operating, the thumb and index finger should exert force as shown in the picture, but the force should be appropriate, the clutch plate can be separated, and it must not be pressed too much to prevent the model from being damaged.

2. File selector demonstration
This model adopts the H gear mode, using the coupling instead of the synchronizer, and the push rod and the shift fork are responsible for the coupling for the selection and coordination of the gear and the shaft.

When operating, just move the gear lever according to the gear number. The mode of the gear selector refers to the structure of the front-drive vehicle. Originally, I wanted to make the gear selection cable, but the cable material was not suitable, so I gave up , there is a chance to come again later.

After you receive the model, you can paint black on the protruding numbers "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, R" for easy identification.

3. Shift lock
The gear lock structure of this model is very simple, similar to a latch, with an increased bevel angle for easy sliding back and forth and locking. The pressure source of the latch is provided by the spring, the force point is on each push rod, and the locking position is in neutral.

The function of the gear lock is to prevent the coupling of other gears that are not selected from meshing with the gears. For example, if there is no gear lock, we choose 2nd gear, but the coupling of 3rd or 5th gear may mesh with the corresponding gear, so that the entire gearbox is locked.

4. Differential
The structure of this differential is very simple, and it is also the most used type of vehicles on the market. He has 5 gears, two sun gears, Sanger planetary gears. The gear bracket drives the planetary wheel to revolve, the planetary wheel drives the sun gear to rotate, and the power is transmitted to the wheels through the left to right half shafts.

The phenomenon of rotation of the planetary wheel indicates that there is a difference in rotation speed between the tires on both sides. The faster the rotation speed, the greater the difference in rotation speed between the left and right wheels. It is mostly manifested when the vehicle turns or when the one-sided drive wheel is suspended.

When ravaging the model, you can use your fingers to fix the wheel on one side, and the wheel on the other side will spin faster (the speed of which has exceeded the speed of the gear bracket, guess if it is 2 times the relationship).

5. Differential lock
The principle and structure of the differential lock are also very simple. The combination of the gear bracket and the half shaft on one side is the effect of the differential lock. At this time, the half shafts of the wheels on both sides are rigidly connected and the speed is the same, even if the tire on one side slips, The speed is also the same.


The action in the picture is the sliding coupling, which combines the gear bracket and the right half shaft into one. You can see that the left wheel fixed by the hand will also rotate, and the speed of the right wheel will decrease. At this time, the left and right wheels will rotate. And the gear bracket in the middle rotates at the same speed. When operating the differential lock, you need to fix the wheel on one side, and then slide the fork. This structure is a mechanical claw structure, and there must be a speed difference between the gear bracket and the half shaft to successfully mesh.

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