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Lily Mixe | Graphic Artist The Nature Art of Dissection

Lily Mixe | Graphic Artist The Nature Art of Dissection


Lily Mixe is a graphic artist from Paris, currently working on her own art in London, UK. She depicts textured patterns such as beetles, shells, cells and birds in contrasting black and white color. In her paintings, simple colors can render the unique beauty of scales, branches or feathers. Moreover, she will use old furniture objects as "canvas", these elegant patterns often create a wonderful contrast with the old background, adding a sense of time and life.

« Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. »
Albert Einstein
This is Lilly's motto, and she puts nature at the center of her creations, with the ocean in particular. She wants to make some otherworldly works. She once explained the original intention of her works. In her opinion, human beings are just "aliens" of the earth. She wants to use her specimen anatomical paintings to remind people that life on earth is a How beautiful and complex, and how much our own planet has yet to discover.
Inspired by countless diving expeditions, hundreds of notebooks, and studies of flora and fauna, Lilly felt increasingly familiar and unusual in her creations. "My work wants to examine life beneath the surface, the invisible, silent creatures we take for granted," says Lilly. "I want to give the natural world a 'visual voice', using our precious gems and rare hands crafts to celebrate the beauty of nature, and I even hope that everyone will consider nature as the most precious currency on earth.”
Lilly works with acrylic and ink, wood, acrylic, scrap sheet metal, and more. Starting with sketches, Lilly builds a form, then fills it, layering textures and patterns, and finally giving it a life of its own.
However, this is only a part of the work. When these patterns are depicted in various materials such as bricks, cement, and old wooden boards, and change over time due to weather, plants, and pollution, a complete art Behavior is really born.
Lily said that she is only a part of her own works. When the part of her painting is completed, these works really begin to take shape. She particularly values the placement of the works. In her opinion, the placement of the works is the key to completing the works. It is the fleeting and cruel side of nature that truly makes her work. She believes that sticking the drawings to the wall is also a kind of dedication, a sacrifice, an experiment.
Lilly's latest work, The Butterfly Effect, will open at Saatchi Gallery in London on November 3 this year. The work continues the artist's continued exploration of the natural environment and the interconnectedness of species on Earth. The Butterfly Effect is inspired by the wonders of nature - the harmonious development of elegant and complex anatomy and survival techniques. Biological camouflage in nature, for example, can also reflect a hidden aesthetic while showing the evolution of species to meet the challenges they face. Lilly also said that human beings are actually the biggest challenge to nature and the world's species. These works are meant to convey a potential crisis for the future of humanity and an increasingly urgent call for conservation action.
The beauty of nature seems to be inexhaustible, and it only requires human beings to observe and explore with piety and awe, humility and caution. Human beings, we must always remind ourselves that the natural world that is far beyond human imagination is not allowed to be created at will, otherwise the price human beings must pay will be far beyond imagination.
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