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March 31, 2022 Build 3 Free 1 Blind Box

March 31, 2022 Build 3 Free 1 Blind Box

Mar 31, 2022


Moyu store

To thank you for customer support to Moyustore, we have organized this activity " Build 3 Get 1". Anyone who joins this activity will have a 100% chance to win a blind box as a gift.

This event has now ended successfully. During the event, many people were eager to try it out and shared with us three or more models they had assembled. We are very grateful for their participation in the event we organized and sent them a mysterious blind box gift. I think they must be very happy when they received this blind box gift, let's see who gets the blind box gift next.

1、Angelantonio Del Rosso

Let's take a look at her work!

2、Heinz Stoffaneller

Let's take a look at his work!

3、Kevin Lester

4、Angel Pratt-Barnes

5、Brandon Williams

6、Jeremy Bosse

7、Max Kunz

The above are the winners and works of our Build 3 Free 1 Blind Box event. We will hold more such events in the future, and hope that everyone can actively participate.

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