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Model Building 101: My Journey with the Anglerfish | Moyustore

Model Building 101: My Journey with the Anglerfish | Moyustore


The Anglerfish model from MoYustore was my first ever attempt at putting together a model kit and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. From the moment I placed my order, MoYustore's customer service had already won me over with their professionalism and friendly approach.

The packaging was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. The kit arrived wrapped in bubble wrap, ensuring that the 1064 pieces were well protected during shipping. Upon opening the box, I found a little yellow and black toolbox that contained a more than decent set of tools, including a pair of needle-nosed pliers, two adjustable screwdrivers, a mini socket wrench, a polishing cloth, and straightforward instructions. The instructions were accompanied by an origin backstory of the anglerfish, which I found particularly engaging.

As I started putting the model together, I quickly realized that the individual pieces were meticulously numbered and packaged in separate baggies. This made it easier for me to follow the instructions and put the model together with relative ease.

While the model was fun, challenging, and sometimes frustrating to put together, I must admit that the most difficult part was getting the teeth to tighten so they wouldn't be loose. I also found it challenging to attach the base to the fish, and although I managed to mount the fish, I have to be careful when moving the Anglerfish so that the base doesn't become detached.

Despite these challenges, I was thoroughly impressed by how the model came together. The attention to detail and the sense of accomplishment I felt as I put together the final pieces was truly amazing. The model was not just a piece of art, but a work of art that I could proudly display.

As I looked at my finished model, I realized that it needed a good steampunk name. After much contemplation, I decided to name it Silas. Silas the Anglerfish now sits proudly on my bookshelf, a testament to my skills as a model builder and a reminder of the joy and satisfaction that comes with putting together a complex and intricate model.

In conclusion, the Anglerfish model from MoYustore was an exceptional kit that exceeded my expectations in every way. From the customer service, packaging, and tools, to the detailed instructions and quality of the pieces, MoYustore has set the bar high for model building kits. If you're looking for a fun, challenging, and rewarding hobby, I highly recommend giving the Anglerfish model from MoYustore a try.

Sara W

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    The mechanical butterfly was the 2nd construction we tried from moyustore.
    We have to say that we were impressed by the very good quality of the metal pieces which clicked together with great precision.
    The instructions were very simple and understandable.
    Even the tools for construction were included in the package.
    The butterfly is very impressive when it is in operation shaking its wings and is a beautiful object to decorate someone’s home.
    Well done moyustore!!! ♥️

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