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To start things off, this cube is a non-wca puzzle and is not one which can be speedsolved. You could think of this cube as a collector’s item. The turns are really weird, considering the fact that there are small pieces (Edges/centres)  within the cube which can’t be accessed, unless disassembled. But if you're up for a challenge this is one of the best cubes to get your hands on!


This cube comes in the most simple manner. The cube is kept in a box like any other puzzle without any extra unwanted accessories.

Appearance and Feel:

A really light weight cube, and has one of the smoothest turnings! It takes almost no effort to turn a layer. As mentioned earlier, the colour scheme is the same as a 3x3, and moreover this cube is stickerless. By the way, the colours are really bright and contrasting.


This puzzle is a really confusing one. It requires a lot of patience in order to even scramble it. Solving can be done intuitively but that is only if you have knowledge on other cubes. Since this is a non-wca puzzle, it obviously does not have any settings to be adjusted and I don’t think lube could be of any use, but that’s just my opinion. It does make a little noise but it seems like I love it! It’s not like those spring based cubes, and rather makes a decent sound while turning.

Solving Experience:

I was, and still am scared to scramble this cube completely. The question that barges my mind everytime is “What if I can’t solve it?” I could disassemble and re-assemble it but that would be more torturous than solving the puzzle. But, coming back to the topic, I’ve solved this cube only once, and it definitely wasn’t scrambled completely. I did scramble it to an extent, but I decided to just solve it instead of scrambling it further. It took me a while, in fact about a day just to figure out how to solve it and the scramble wasn’t the hardest. The one part that kept triggering me was the turning. It’s really confusing, the way it works. I almost raged, but patience was the key, so I kept going until I finally got a hang of it.

Final Thoughts:
For just $9.99 USD, this cube is made really well taking in mind that it is a Non-WCA puzzle. Turning is extremely smooth and easy. Moreover, it being lightweight makes turning feel like gliding. It’s a pretty unique puzzle, and quite intuitive with a mix of 2x2 and a few other various puzzles. It’s about the same size as the WRM 2021 Maglev (MoYu’s maglev flagship cube), and you don’t need to worry about it breaking or anything, but it can definitely pop, so do be a little bit careful.

It is a non-wca puzzle so you obviously should not be expecting magnets. Corner cutting doesn’t exist as it’s somewhat shapeshifting.

In conclusion it’s one of the hard and confusing puzzles made by MoYu and I don’t regret having this one bit. If you're a cube collector, this could be your go-to choice and who knows, it may even become your favourite puzzle! 

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” – Saadi.


Note that all these pictures are taken at home and are not stock images. This is done to ensure a realistic image of the product.

Written by: CuberSquad

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