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Moyustore Black Friday Deals

Moyustore Black Friday Deals


"Black Friday" is the best time for shopping of the year. And our discount campaign has already started. If you see something you like, it’s actually good to place an order earlier and bring it home. There is only one chance every year, I guess you don't wanna miss it.If you want to prepare Christmas gifts and New Year gifts for your family and friends, then you better hurry up! Even if you don’t know what you want to gift, you can also check out our product recommendations to get some gift ideas



V8 Engine

Save $50

As a hot-selling item in our store all year round, the sales performance and customer review of the V8 engine model have always been very good.During the period of Black Friday , this product will drop by 50 dollars, and at the same time, you can also stack it with other coupon codes. Compared with the price before Black Friday, this product will save you more than 50 dollars, If you also use the 12% discount coupon on checkout, you will save more than 100 US dollars in total.


Steampunk Anglerfish


The steampunk anglerfish is also one of our best seller models. Like the v8 engine model, its price will drop by $40 during the Black Friday period. Usually, If you like steampunk culture, then I guess you don't wanna miss this assembly model, and the Black Friday discount is only once a year.If you are considering buying a Christmas gift or birthday gift, then please don’t hesitate, it will be your best choice.




Insect Bugs Advent Calendar

Save $20

I believe that the purpose of many people shopping on Black Friday is to prepare for the upcoming Christmas. Then you need to take a  look at this product. It is very suitable as a Christmas gift. It will also drop 20 dollars during Black Friday. , And it's very easy to assemble, we also pack it with a Christmas packaging box. If you don't know what kind of gift to prepare for your child, choose it.



Elusive Nautilus


This is our latest product on this month.The environmentally friendly recyclable stainless steel material is used throughout the submarine body. The rotation of the entire submarine hull is driven by a built-in motor, which is also very attractive as a decoration.During the period of black Friday, this product will drop by $10, besides, we also recommend that you place an order with the whale. It is also very suitable as a gift as a marine model.


Best Set

During the period of black Friday, During Black Friday, you can enjoy a 12% discount on purchases over US$199, so we highly recommend this product set. Compared to the price of a separate purchase, this combination set is more cheaper, And you can enjoy a 12% discount directly after placing an order, so if you like mecha assembly models, don’t miss this discount opportunity.


One last friendly reminder, during the period of Black Friday , All products in our store with a consumption of 199 dollars or more will enjoy a 12% discount.In addition, we also provide a global free shipping service. If you still don’t know what kind of gift to choose, It is welcome to send email to our service email and our staff will make the best recommendation for you.

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