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Mutant Concept Steampunk Art in 2021 | MoYustore

Mutant Concept Steampunk Art in 2021 | MoYustore


When I think of these two cultures of speculative fiction, I suddenly think that our love of steampunk and our fascination with zombies are like the pros and cons of hands.

Steampunk represents an idealized past, while zombies represent a terrible future. Therefore, they all serve as a way to vent our pessimism towards this world.

Steampunk is a backward-looking optimism. Zombies are the embodiment of human negative emotions. We can also call them mutations. Whether it is a human or an animal, there will be more or less morphological changes when mutation occurs, and you can have more powerful power. Sometimes, it is not a bad thing.

So what if steampunk and mutation are combined? Let us wait and see!

1. Hexagonal worm

Its thin body still supports its black pliers. Whenever it encounters a strong opponent, it can always directly hit the opponent's weakness. The two lights on its back can make it well aware of the surrounding environment.

2. Stag Beetle

It appears black as a whole, and when night comes, it is when it hunts other animals. Its body allows it to climb into the narrow cliff cracks, while the prey is sleeping, it will kill it with one blow!

3. Unicorn Monster

The unicorn is smaller than you think. It has a very sharp pliers and a small pliers on its back, which is used to kill large animals and knock them to the ground. Its small body is enough. Lift and lift prey ten times larger than it.

4. Rage Shark

The shark has always been the overlord in the ocean. It has a huge body, at the same time it has huge teeth and powerful biting ability. Whenever it encounters a strong opponent, it will choose to solve the battle as quickly as possible, because they are very hungry.

5. Lazy hippo

Hippos have always lived in mud, and they can smell a very pungent smell after thinking about five kilometers. They enjoy the lazy breath. Under normal circumstances, they will not take the initiative to cause trouble unless someone wants to hurt their cubs.

6. Crazy primitive dinosaur

Dinosaurs are symbols and signs of ancient times. Their legs are strong and powerful, and almost no prey can escape under their claws. After mutation, they have bazooka barrels on their backs, which can accurately locate and shoot their prey.

7. Octopus Frame Fighter

From the picture, you can be surprised to find that the mutated octopus has only seven legs. In the last battle of life and death, the octopus had no choice. It competed with its opponents for nearly five hours, but unfortunately, its legs were stuck. On the rock, in order to save its life, it gave up one of its legs.

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