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Steampunk Scorpion with Bluetooth Speaker Smasher | Product Review by Caleb

Steampunk Scorpion with Bluetooth Speaker Smasher | Product Review by Caleb


Steampunk Scorpion with Bluetooth Speaker Smasher












I came across the MoYu store through an ad on Facebook. It was interesting to see model kits that integrated a steampunk design, so I browsed through their website. The Scorpion with Bluetooth Speaker Kit was towards my liking and had a unique look to it.

The kit was delivered to me around 15 days after I placed my order. Inside the package contained a toolbox which had everything inside (instruction, tools, parts). There were two instruction manuals, one in Japanese and one in English, 2 screwdrivers, pliers, microfiber cloth, some kind of product ID card, and one tool which I don’t know the name of (never had to be used). I decided to take pictures of every step along the way, wanting to create a timelapse at the end.

The instructions were fairly straightforward. It goes step-by-step, with visuals and captioned advices to aid with the more difficult maneuvers. The pieces were in labeled bags, making it easy to navigate. There were a lot of pieces, however, and instead of rummaging through the toolbox for each step, I figured it’d be more efficient to lay out all the bags on the floor, in alphabetical order.


There wasn’t much trouble in the beginning. It was simple, but had its repetitive moments, as some steps had to be repeated 4 or even 8 times. As the steps progressed, I was slowly starting to see the scorpion develop, as the head, legs, and body were coming into fruition.

But more parts started to connect, it became increasingly complex as one unit. Some steps were awkward to hold or grip, making it frustrating at times. There was one instance when I had to use the pliers to physically bend one of the metal pieces in order to make the others fit. I was afraid of shattering it, so I spent a good amount of time slowly stretching it with the pliers until it worked.

It would have been a hassle if any mistakes were made, such as asymmetrical orientation, so I found myself triple-checking the steps and visuals to make sure I was 100% following the instructions. I worried that I would have to undo a bunch of steps, but fortunately, that was never the case. Creating this model was a very meticulous and detail-oriented process, which only made the result more impressive.

Around 2/3 of the way through, I noticed an inconsistency with the Japanese and English manual, where the steps and visuals didn’t match up. I messaged their official FaceBook page, and they were able to solve the confusion within the day. So +1 for responsive customer service.

I would say the most difficult part of the scorpion was building the tail and connecting it the body. The visuals were still helpful, but at this stage, there were so many parts condensed into one image, I found myself making minor errors at this stage. One step also contradicted another visual, and I luckily caught it before it could have confused me later. I think small inconsistencies like that can definitely be improved in future products. The Bluetooth speaker was easy to connect and works well.

Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to say that I was way over the 24 hours estimated build time. But, I’m very satisfied with the final look. For anyone interested, I’ve made a quick photo timelapse of the full build. 

I’d highly recommend people who enjoy a challenge to give this a go. This is my first time ever doing any model kit, and I can say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The final product is unique and will definitely turn some heads. I’ve recently ordered their Chameleon Model Kit, so I’m excited for that to arrive.

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