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The 8 Best Christmas DIY Gifts of 2022

The 8 Best Christmas DIY Gifts of 2022


Looking for some creative gifts for your family or friends for the upcoming Christmas or other holidays? Want to give him/her a big surprise? Taking both aesthetics and budget into account, the following DIY choices will not let you down! From simple assembling creations to challenging ones, we have a little something to make for everyone on your Christmas list.

1. Versatile Seahorse

Want something that brighten the eyes? Here it is! This striking seahorse metal model is sure to impress everyone with its streamlined body shape, a long snout of pig nose, a fan-shaped pectoral fin & dorsal fin, a adjustable tail and a round bulb in the belly that looks like a brood pouch. Once plugged in, the lights will be as brilliant as fireworks, making it stand out from other gifts. Whether for a desk lamp or a room decor, it’s a top choice! Perfect for those who like sea animals and hand assembly.

2. Peculiar Anglerfish

Are you interested in ocean exploration? Have you ever seen a anglerfish in the deep sea? This DIY assembly model is an excellent imitation of the real anglerfish, with innovations such as electroplated eyes, leather fins, and a light bulb at the end of its tentacles that can be turned to glow. It is composed of 1064 parts and takes about three hours to assemble, which is challenging and interesting. There is no doubt that this delicate anglerfish model is a great choice to give as a gift or an unique decoration which lights up your whole room.

3. Steampunk Butterfly

Have you ever wanted to have a flying butterfly? It gives you that wish. This is Morpho Menelaus,  a beautiful rare butterfly model with metal texture, simulated wings and movable joints. Due to the exquisitely carved patterns that present a retro steampunk sense, it makes a highly collectible project. With only 150+ pieces parts, it is super easy to assemble even for beginners. It's definitely a favorite for girls, women and collectors who love steampunk-style works.

4. Cool Octopus

Are you seeking for steampunk themed decoration? This is the one you want. Unlike other octopus-like products, it is made up of many different components like gears, rivets, copper rings, tubes, bolts, nuts, machine parts and so on. Besides, it stands out for its versatility. It can be used  as a display model, a spherical table lamp holder, and also an useful object for hanging. Look at the octopus head, is it a five-clawed petal? Just have a try and create your own cool octopus!

5. Bengal Tiger

Bengal tiger, the world's largest tiger, is endangered. With this in mind, the model is memorable. The mechanical tiger made from spare watch, cycle and car parts looks like a fantastic creature out of an alternate retro universe. It is inviolable, with its tail upturned as if ready to attack, and blue and red light bulbs that resemble two shoulder-mounted armored assault guns. Put it on any horizontal surface as an interior decoration, an exhibit of a collection or an element of a layout. Give it to the one who is keen on animals or mechanical structures!

6. Scorpion King

Scorpions may be fearsome for many people, but this purple model gives them a new look. With the combination of mechanics, war machines, cyberpunk and other elements, it looks more refined, textured and beautiful. The most absorbing part about it is its long hook, which is very majestic and would be a highlight anywhere. And assembly is just a breeze as it contains only 200PCS parts. Super easy even for novices!

7. Flying Dragonfly

Combining mechanical art with natural creature, this dragonfly model is rare among others. It can be integrated with any home environment as it is cast in high-precision CNC process and colored by aluminum alloy oxidation that is full of delicacy. Press the button on the stand, and the gears turn slowly, while the dragonfly vibrates its wings up and down. With a total of 100PCS+ parts, this one seems to be easier to put together. And the blue dragonfly are replaceable. This DIY artwork really makes a perfect home & desktop decor, a tool for school teaching, an office display and a personal collection.

8. Mini Car Engine Model Kits to Build

Are you an engine enthusiast? Do you want to have more challenges? Look at this one. This is a mini inline four-cylinder car engine model and you will be amazed by its exquisite craftsmanship, precise proportion, and meticulous mechanical mechanism. While having its own independent function and structure, it can be upgraded, combined and transformed into a power system through designated kits or DIY modifications. Not only does it helps to learn the structure and operation principle of the engine, but also it stimulates innovative thinking, improves hands-on ability and focus ability.

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