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The Best Mechanical Wasp Kits for Beginners | Reviews by John

The Best Mechanical Wasp Kits for Beginners | Reviews by John


Like many before me I kind of stumbled across Moyustore here in the U.K. BY Internet image search. There was a kind of disbelief that ‘kits’ or models like this existed or were actually as good as they claimed but I spotted the Wasp, loved it, ordered it and here’s how the build went.

First of all can I just say the package it arrived in was small, well labelled and bagged with printed photo instructions and even the necessary tools I’d need to get the job done. A very nice change from those ‘kits’ that promise so much but end up being a headache to complete.

(The pen is mine for scale but the rest (pliers and screwdriver) were included.

The first part (the head) was simple enough, although I took my time and turned out really well.

The screws for the eyes seemed small but actually were fine when you used them.

The instructions and the bagged stages made it very easy to know exactly what was needed each step of the way.

Next I tackled the tail or the stinger and this really was simple – my only moan might be that it perhaps could have added a last band for the stainless steel bit but actually again it looked great when put together.

The legs came next. They look far harder than they were. My only ‘note’ was that I needed to bend the end rings slightly to get them past the screw head but this is really minor. I’ve shown a picture just so you can see how easy it was.

I laid out each element as I completed it and you can see from the picture it came together really quickly and well.

For the body element you need to bend two small brackets but they were very simple to do with the included pliers

Then it was the job of building the legs – attaching the vertical and horizontal pieces.

All very straight forward so far, and finishing each leg off by little bends in the ‘toes’.

(In all fairness they seemed sturdy enough.)

Back to the head, I then screwed on the ‘feelers’ – again a nice and simple bit.

Which left everything looking good… I was really surprised how easy it was but then it was my first Moyustore


Then it was the jobs of putting together the body and the six legs as a unit. I was a bit nervous about this bit but it was easy enough, a bit fiddly but no real headache.

Finally it was time to put the connecting pieces in place and have a look at the finished product.

I was very impressed! Normally I struggle building things that are too fiddly but this really was well thought through and very clear.

A big thumbs up for this one!

More Insects models can be found at

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    Thank you for the comprehensive review, if I had any doubts they have certainly been allayed and I look forward to trying this kit

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