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The Best Steampunk Spider Clock Model  for Beginners | Reviews by John

The Best Steampunk Spider Clock Model for Beginners | Reviews by John


This is a different kind of review I suppose – Father and Son doing a build together and as you can see building a fine-looking creature by the end of things.


It was time to sit down and, with the aid of my son (and his much smaller hands) put together this little Spider we’d purchased from Moyustore.

First of all, the packaging needs to be mentioned.

It arrived in a sealed cardboard box, and when opened held three smaller A5 sized jiffy bags with the components in each. At the bottom of the package was a USB Stick that contained the 4 building videos. A new touch for me so please be careful not to throw it out with the packaging.

This is a really good ‘build’ for first timers or those with smaller hands as it’s quite a few less pieces but far more intricate. The really good thing is they including plenty of spares in my build kit so we were able on the couple of occasions where we dropped a nut on the floor and couldn’t find it or snapped a watch ‘bar’ to carry on band complete the thing.

Also whilst there are a plethora of tools included there was no glue (that may be down to what substances can be sent by post across borders IDK) but no worries as we had a tube of Loctite to hand. I’m just mentioning this in case you haven’t.

The pieces are still bagged inside the jiffy bags and as you can see there are also 3 more screwdrivers, a watch repair tool, and some tweezers – All gratefully received as it is a very small working environment.

The first part, attaching the watch face kind of sets the tone for this and you’ll need the watch repair tool with it’s little grooved end to get it to work. The build video though demonstrates this very well so it focuses the mind for further on.

The second video covers the gluing part and is quite straight forward – if you have the glue!

We did luckily and were able to move on after a few minutes of drying time.

The next bit, the beginning of the leg ‘chassis’ is clearly explained in the second building video and as you can see caused very few problems.

One hint though – be aware of the pressure or torque you’re using as you really don’t want one of the pieces to snap in the middle of things.

Then it was time to attach the two half circular pices as the jaws – easy enough but needed a steady hand.

The whole thing was now very quickly starting to take shape.

(When I say ‘quickly’ it took a good three to four hours to complete the build.)

The third building video covers the bending of the underneath metal piece which forms a protective covering for the legs and helps finish the ‘body’.

It’s a good time then to set the correct time on the watch face as the leg won’t be in the way to make that more difficult.

The last building video covers the finishing of the Spider’s legs and they do look very cool. They were remarkably easy to put in place. I would recommend using a small coffee cup or a tape roll as a stand though whilst you’re doing this bit as it just makes things a bit easier.

You’ll need to very gently and slowly reposition the Spiders legs before he’ll stand up properly but that’s pretty simple to do and before you know it you’re both beaming and looking at a job well done.

Simples! The next thing you realise it’s another one already in your collection!

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