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Top 5 Greatest Mecha Battles in Anime | Moyustore

Top 5 Greatest Mecha Battles in Anime | Moyustore


Are you ready to see the charm of mechanical mechas? Welcome to, today we have selected five wonderful mech battles. We don't do any rankings, and each one is worth our enthusiasm. Come with me when you're ready, because the mech fighters are coming to us!

#1 Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

Lelouch and Nanali were sent to Japan as political pawns, leaving the Japanese government in a false sense of security. After the brothers and sisters were sent to Japan, Japan was attacked and defeated by Britannia.

With the ruins of Japan as the background, Lelouch swears to his Japanese friend Suzaku Chestnut that he will destroy Britannia one day. Seven years later, Lelouch was involved in a terrorist attack and found a mysterious girl named CC. She signed a contract with the British Royal Guard and granted Lelouch a power called Geass, thus saving Lelouch's life. This power allows him to order anyone to do whatever he wants for him.

#2 Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

The Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are engaged in brutal guerrilla warfare in order to control the area and its resources. Zeon’s greatest hope for victory in the region lies in the experimental mobile armor and its pilot Aina Sakhalin. At the same time, the Earth Federation Forces received reinforcements in the form of Lieutenant Shiro Amada, the new commander of the 08th MS Squadron. As Zeon gets into trouble and the Federation relies on Bai and his team to win, the lovers who are added must decide where their true loyalty lies?

#3 Mobile Suit Gundam - Series

Mobile Suit Gundam was developed by animator Tomino Yoshiyuki and a group of constantly changing sunrise creators, under the collective pseudonym Yasame Hajime.

The series originally named Freedom Fighter Gunboy for the robot's gun. There are many references to freedom in the early production: the white base was originally the "fortress of freedom", and the core fighter was the "freedom wing". High, implying that a unit wields a gun powerful enough to block the enemy, just like a hydroelectric dam blocking water.

#4 Macross Frontier

This densely populated interstellar fleet is made up of human occupants and their Zenith allies. During a mission to an unexplored asteroid belt, the reconnaissance new UN Space VF-171 was destroyed by an extremely powerful and fast insect biomechanical alien mech called "King Kong". Unable to stop new enemy threats, the Sisters Colonial Defense Force authorized the deployment of a private military provider organization called SMS, which uses the new VF-25 Messianic variable fighter to counter alien threats.

#5 King Of Braves Gaogaigar

The Zonders hidden underground began to invade the earth. With the addition of Shou who has the ability to purify, as a special member of GGG, GGG continues to fight to defend the earth. The heroes fell in front of Zonuda, who was not affected by the power of G-stone, but Gai's desperate purification saved their lives, and he also evolved into a fusion of primitive machines. After the incident, Shou, in order to save people on other planets threatened by the new mechanical species, set off with Galen to space.

Mecha fighters are willing to use their lives to protect their homes. They not only exist in the animation, but also in our hearts. I believe that everyone will have a way to remember them. If you can put it on your desktop or as a collection, it must be a good choice! Let's work together to complete it!

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