We Got A Super Rare Purple Tarantula Spider Kit

We Got A Super Rare Purple Tarantula Spider Kit

Purple Tarantula Spider

The purple tree tarantula has intensive body color, which makes people impressed at first sight. It is also known Avicularia purpurea, is a species of spider belonging to the family tarantulas.

You can find this species in different habitats, and agricultural areas are one of the places where they often appear, especially places like cattle grazing farms. You can find it in the hole in the wall of the building or in the space below the roof. Under sunlight, this spider will show a very intense purple-blue rainbow color on the back of the dorsal surface of the cephalothorax and on legs. The long setae covering the legs and tentacles are palps reddish brown. The scapula of the tarsal and metatarsal bones are dark brown. Tarsus clusters are light cream pink. The abdomen is velvety black and covered with bristles.

As an arboreal species, this climbing species builds nests mainly in hollows in the trees, sometimes in the vicinity of epiphytic plants. Purple tree tarantulas prey on crickets, mealworms, wax worms and black beetles, but they can also catch small rodents, lizards, and sometimes birds. During mating, the females become very aggressive towards males. A few months after mating, the female lays up to 120 eggs in a cocoon.

I believe many people should be interested in it, but for various reasons, they can’t bring it home. Now, we provide you with another option, a steampunk version of it!

Our designers got inspiration from The Purple Tree Tarantula and designed a 3D metal puzzle. As you can see at first glance, this is a 3D metal puzzlee with cyberpunk elements. and we reconstruct and modify the puzzle according to its original appearance.Each pieces are made by high-quality metal materials.

This is an exquisite metal model ornament made by hand with unique style and perfect details. It combining steampunk style and mechanical style, suitable for people of different ages, but babies and young children need to pay attention to avoid being scratched by metal edges.It can be collected by yourself or as a gift to friends and relatives.

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