What's Spider Clock?  #moyustore

What's Spider Clock? #moyustore

It's said that an Australian man called kenratboy posted three photographs "LOOK AT THIS WOLF SPIDER!!!" , where shows a large huntsman spider's legs visible underneath the clock. Since then, clock spider become a meme online of a giant spider photographed hiding behind a wall clock. he clock spider spread as a meme online, with the name clock spider appearing on an internet newsgroup in recent years.

Check this video:



Why We Create This Metal Spider Clock?
Show our respect to those who don't fear the spiders, and this metal spider clock model will be the best decoration on your desk.

This is a perfectly designed DIY kit that requires you and your kid hands-on work to complete.It brings unforgettable times of working together.

Don't forget tell your kids the clock spider story when assembly.


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